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What’s New on the Blog

Teaching Text Structure With Picture Books

Text structure is the way authors organize expository information for a specific purpose. Aside from the fact that it’s a required reading standard, it’s important to teach students to identify text structures in order to improve comprehension of a text. Using quality texts as explicit models and teaching about the organization and keywords used with […]

Planning a Language Arts Schedule (How To Fit It All In!)

A question I’m commonly asked by upper elementary teachers in regards to using mentor texts is just how to plan a schedule that can fit it all in… for some teachers, outside forces make it very difficult. Strict mandates from your administration or bell schedules obviously cannot be helped. (If you have 45 minutes for […]

Mentor Sentences Routine: Break It Down (Assessment)

The mentor sentences routine revolves so much around discussion on Day One and Day Two, and practicing on Day Three and Day Four, but there still needs to be some time to check in on what students are retaining through a short formative assessment. Let’s wrap up how to implement the mentor sentence routine in 2nd-5th […]