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Teaching Mentor Sentences in the Digital Classroom

As teaching has shifted to a digital classroom setting, so has the WAY teachers deliver instruction. Mentor sentence lessons are something I have always been a strong believer that doesn’t fit the 1:1 mold: The class discussions drive the lessons. They learn from each other through those discussions. Misconceptions should be corrected right away and […]

Virtual Learning in the ELA Classroom

Years ago, when schools were closed for snow, flooding, or mass illnesses, the school year was extended to make sure students got in all of their learning days. Virtual learning was like something from The Jetsons! Now, districts can choose to have digital learning days to help make up for that missed learning. In this […]

How to Model Descriptive Writing With a Mentor Text

Descriptive writing, or what many teachers like to call “show, don’t tell writing,” is a skill that needs to be practiced and modeled A LOT for students to truly master it. Check out one of my favorite lessons for modeling writing with a mentor text to help students be as descriptive as possible! This lesson […]