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How to Model Descriptive Writing With a Mentor Text

Descriptive writing, or what many teachers like to call “show, don’t tell writing,” is a skill that needs to be practiced and modeled A LOT for students to truly master it. Check out one of my favorite lessons for modeling writing with a mentor text to help students be as descriptive as possible! This lesson […]

Using Mentor Texts: Dreamers

This post is dedicated to Jorge Calvillo Garcia. He was one of the 22 victims in the terrorist attack in El Paso on August 3, 2019. Jorge was at the WalMart to support his granddaughter’s soccer team’s fundraiser. As the gunman approached the soccer team, Jorge stepped between him and his granddaughter and her teammates. […]

The Importance of Diverse Mentor Texts

It’s not just a hashtag. It’s not just the latest buzzword. Incorporating diverse books into your lessons is important for so many reasons. And it’s important for ALL classrooms… making sure to share books with black and brown characters, various family dynamics, and cultural differences aren’t JUST for the classrooms that have all of these […]