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Help Your Primary Students Track Their Thinking While Reading

Annotation in the lower grades will look a bit different than it does in the upper grades. It definitely won’t be quite as detailed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as important! How should students annotate a text? We know that close reading is the reading and rereading (and even more rereading) of a short […]

Keep Students Learning Before Winter Break!

This time of year, it’s no secret that most kids have Santa on the brain… …so don’t fight that feeling! You definitely can’tΒ beat ’em on this one, so join ’em! Must-Have Mentor Texts Since it can get tricky to keep students’ learning stamina going this time of year, incorporate fun mentor texts to keep them […]

Higher Order Thinking Questions for Grammar and Writing

We don’t often think of using higher order thinking questions, or Bloom’s Taxonomy above level 1 and 2, within grammar and writing instruction. In fact, when looking at sample higher order thinking question stems to use within your classroom, many of them specifically relate to reading and math! For students to reach their highest potential, […]