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Enrich Students’ Reading, Writing, and Speaking Vocabulary

Teachers are aware that understanding vocabulary is crucial to reading comprehension, but we want students to do more than just “know it when they read it.” We hope our students can adopt these words into their repertoire and improve their writing and speaking vocabulary as well. As I mentioned in this past post filled with […]

What Should I Do During Each Close Read?

Honest talk here. Close reading turns those mini-lessons into MAXI-lessons if you try to fit in all that you want to do with a text in one day. Let’s look at why: Even though close reading is done with short texts, the time it takes to dig deep shouldn’t be short because… the texts should […]

Your Guide to Engaging Students as Thinking Readers

How many times as an adult have you been reading a book and realize at the end of the page, you didn’t really READ any of it? Sure, your eyes looked at every word, but you don’t actually recall understanding those words. It’s because you weren’t thinking about the text. Your mind probably drifted off […]