Making Comparisons – Grammar In Context Writing Lessons for 4th / 5th Grade


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Teach 4th- and 5th-grade students how to write with comparatives and superlatives to make comparisons, not just memorize the grammar rules about them!

With Jivey’s Write On! Grammar Integration Resources, you’ll be teaching grammar in context during your writing time through exploration, revision, and application.

This print-and-teach resource, aligned with best-practices, provides lessons and activities on the use of comparatives and superlatives and should be incorporated into your writing lessons.

The lessons and activities in this resource are designed in both the narrative AND nonfiction/expository writing genres and provide exploration lessons and application activities.

Implementation of this resource will help you teach how making comparisons establishes clarity and creates more vivid descriptions in writing, as well as how comparatives and superlatives can add detail and interest, and create a clearer picture in the reader’s mind. Throughout the lessons and activities, students will revise adjectives and adverbs to be more precise with comparatives and superlatives.

Do you use Mentor Sentences?

The Write On! resources are the perfect way to extend your mentor sentence lessons into your writing time! However, you do not need to use any of my other resources to implement this successfully. 🙂




  • teacher guide
  • digital converted activities for paperless or 1:1 classrooms
  • comparison posters in B&W and Color
  • two lesson plan options to Explore Comparisons in NARRATIVES with an original fantasy about woodland animals: Option 1 allows students to notice revisions already made, and Option 2 requires revisions to be made to the story.
  • two application/assessment activities for narrative writing aligned to the same woodland theme from the Exploration Phase
  • two lesson plan options to Explore Comparisons in NONFICTION with an original passage about the night sky: Option 1 allows students to notice revisions already made, and Option 2 requires revisions to be made to the passage.
  • two application/assessment activities for expository writing, also about the night sky and constellations to align with the theme from the Exploration Phase, with a fact sheet about constellations to ensure accuracy


You’ll find that this resource provides two versions of each lesson within the exploration phase of each genre. Option 1 enables students to notice how the grammar skill enhances a text by comparing two versions of a story or passage. This option is perfect for an introduction to the skill.

Option 2 requires students to revise the story or passage with the grammar skill. Start with this option if students have already had experience with using the grammar skill in writing.

You could choose to use just one of the lessons within each genre, or begin with Option 1 and then also utilize Option 2 for scaffolded practice.

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Teaching grammar in isolation can often lead to fragmented learning where students struggle to apply the skills in their writing. Integration helps students understand how grammar concepts function in real-world contexts, making the learning process more meaningful and engaging.

It ensures that grammar becomes an integral part of your students’ “toolkit,” rather than an isolated set of rules to memorize. Through exploration of models followed by application, your grammar instruction becomes a dynamic, interactive process to enhance students’ writing skills.




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