Fiction & Nonfiction Standards-Based Reading Assessments | 5th Grade Bundle


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This pack includes an entire year of DIGITAL AND PRINTABLE FORMATS of fiction and nonfiction tests that assess ALL 5th Grade Standards for key ideas and details, craft and structure, & integration of knowledge and ideas.

These standards include skills such as

  • drawing inferences
  • citing explicit evidence
  • main idea
  • recounting details
  • theme
  • summarizing
  • character details, actions, and traits
  • contributions of setting and events
  • explain/compare relationship of events, ideas, and concepts
  • determine meaning of words and phrases
  • figurative language
  • mythological allusions
  • use text features
  • describe the structure: chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution
  • refer to parts of story, drama, poems using correct terms and explain differences
  • compare/contrast point of view (first and third person)
  • compare/contrast firsthand and secondhand accounts
  • analyze how illustrations contribute to mood, character, setting
  • use information gained from illustrations to explain text
  • explain author’s reasons and evidence
  • make connections between text and visual presentations
  • compare themes, plots, topics, events, and settings of stories
  • compare and contrast two texts on the same topic
  • integrate information from two texts

Each standard has twelve individual assessments (6 fiction and 6 nonfiction), so these are perfect for standards-based grading! There are also 12 additional assessments provided with the standards combined.

✓ pre-assessments
✓ formative assessments
✓ whole group mini-lessons
✓ independent practice
✓ homework
✓ small group remediation
✓ re-assessing
✓ progress monitoring
✓ standards-based grading
✓ assign digital Google Forms

I have aligned them with Common Core, but because reading comprehension skills are assessed similarly across the board, you can easily use these even if you don’t use Common Core.

If you would prefer to have the passages differentiated for small groups, stations, or assessment purposes, you can buy the BUNDLE of DIFFERENTIATED Mix and Match Assessments here!

***PLEASE NOTE- The passages used in this resource are also featured in the 3rd and 4th Grade Assessments but on different reading levels. The assessments in this pack ARE THE SAME as in the sets of DIFFERENTIATED MIX AND MATCH ASSESSMENTS. If you already own the Mix And Match Assessments, do not buy these!! 🙂

Many people who use my Better Than Basal sets often ask how to assess after teaching with mentor texts. Rather than assessing on the book, I suggest assessing on the skill to see if they can apply it! This line of assessments is your answer! 🙂


There are 48 texts included in this pack (24 fiction and 24 nonfiction). They are included in printable and digital formats (Google Forms with self-grading options).

The ways to combine the texts and standards are ENDLESS! Please look at the preview file to see the MANY POSSIBILITIES of ways to use these assessments!

I created a variety of long and short passages, as well as questions for each standard for each passage. The questions are not numbered so that you can mix and match them to create a longer test covering the skills you desire, or use them independently. I included the short passages with their questions on one page, but also on two separate pages so that you may use as many questions per passage as you’d like.

The Attic (written by Jivey)
The Elves and The Shoemaker (adapted from Grimm’s Fairy Tales)
The Fox and the Grapes (adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
Homework (written by Jivey)
The Money Jar (written by Jivey)
They Story of Fidgety Philip (adapted from the poem by Heinrich Hoffman)

The Land of Counterpane (adapted from poem by Robert Louis Stevenson)
Pandora’s Box (written by Jivey)
The Nest (written by Jivey)
The Ant and The Cricket (poem adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
The Lion and The Mouse (drama adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
The Dog (written by Jivey)

Town Mouse and Country Mouse (adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
I Want to Be Big (written by Jivey)
The Miller and His Son (adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
The Cake (written by Jivey)
Belling the Cat (adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
The Plan (written by Jivey)

The First Tooth (adapted from poem by Charles and Mary Lamb)
The Baby (written by Jivey)
The Fox and The Stork (adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
The Games (written by Jivey)
How the Tortoise Overcame the Elephant and the Hippo (adapted from Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria)
The Fox and the Well (drama adapted from Joel Chandler Harris)

NONFICTION PASSAGES- all written by Jivey unless noted
The Water Cycle
A Robin’s Nest
Cotton Gin

The Water Cycle
A Robin’s Nest
Cotton Gin

Underwater Forests
Ants: Nature’s Gardeners
Melissa’s Diary
Anti-Suffrage for Women
The Republic Newspaper (adapted from Nov 2, 1902 article)
Days on The Road (adapted from letter by Sarah Raymond Herndon)
Trip Across The Plains (adapted from letter by James Abbey)

Babe Ruth
Going West
The California Gold Rush
Creating a Government
Foundation of Government Documents

Scream Machines
Incredible Hulk
Turkey Pardoning
Easter Egg Roll
Battle of Yorktown
Surrender of Cornwallis

You might also be interested in my Paired Texts! Paired texts meet the demand for more rigorous, complex texts with Common Core- especially these passages that students can use to compare and build knowledge to integrate information and draw conclusions.

Are you interested in differentiating these assessments for use in small groups, stations, or differentiated testing? Grab the differentiated packs instead. If a student is reading on a 3rd grade level in 5th grade, you might still give him the 5th grade questions, but give the 3rd grade passage. This will truly assess if he can perform the skill, not if he can read the passage given.

Looking for the Differentiated Key Ideas and Details Assessments? Click Here!

Looking for the Differentiated Craft and Structure Assessments? Click Here!

Looking for the Differentiated Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Assessments? Click Here!

Buy the DIFFERENTIATED BUNDLE now to be set for the year for all standards!

Please remember, this purchase is for the use of one teacher. It is not intended to be shared. Please use the ‘additional license’ purchase if more than one teacher will be using it. Thank you!

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All rights reserved by author, Jessica Ivey.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
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Not for public display.

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