Sparking Motivation: Ceiling Tiles

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I’m linking up with my BBB Joanne to share something my kids beg for every year!

My third year of teaching, my room mom made me a fabulous end of the year gift:

All of the kids helped paint a ceiling tile! The tiles come right out of the ceiling, and go right back up very easily. She just asked the custodian for a blank one to paint! (Notice I only had 17 kids that year… boy that was the life. Class sizes are up to 28 and more now. SAD!)

Every year since then, either my room mom or I had my kids paint a ceiling tile. I moved to third grade, then fourth grade, and every time I moved rooms or schools, the ceiling tiles went with me!

All year, my kids have asked me if they were going to get to paint a tile, too. They admire them all the time! So last week, we made this year’s tile! As you’ve probably seen, my room has a beach theme so we made a fun beachy tile!

We use acrylic paint, and I actually just traced die-cut shells and fish for them to paint. I hand-painted the crab (which I was pretty proud of, I must say!) They were soooo excited to see it in the ceiling with the rest of the tiles!

This is a very easy thing to do, and it is a great way to “keep” your classes with you forever! :o)