Tried It Tuesday: Symbaloo!

Have you heard of Symbaloo? It is a super cool website where you can bookmark websites… think Pinterest meets your Bookmarked Favorites List! I am sharing this cool site for Tried It Tuesday!

We are expected to incorporate online learning in our district, so this is one of the tools I am using to compile games and helpful links for my students to use. Instead of a list of links, this tool allows you to use icons and compile many more links into a smaller area. This is the start of a math symbaloo I’m working on for next year:

Each icon is a math game they can click on and it will go straight there! You can embed your symbaloo into a website, or just share a direct link. It’s a free site, and very easy to use! If you are looking for an easy way to share links with anyone, this is a great tool to use! :o)

Also- I almost forgot! Don’t forget to go see the awesome giveaway happening at the Teaching Trio! :o)