Must Read Mentor Text: How Do You Burp In Space?

Sunday already? Eek! This week flew by, and so did the weekend. This is upcoming week is actually my last week of school! To keep the kids entertained while still teaching “bell to bell,” we’ll be doing some fun review of our year. One of the units I always wish I had more time to teach is the solar system… I picked up this book from Scholastic a while back and my kids actually fought over who got to read it first!

Scholastic says… This handy book contains all the info necessary for planning a space vacation, including:

  • What to pack (hint: no bubble bath or juggling balls!)
  • What to expect from accommodations (a sleeping bag attached to the wall)
  • What to do for fun (leapfrog on the moon!)
Which got me thinking… how fun would it be for the kids to create a travel brochure to go visit another planet? Which then got the ol’ wheels turning, and I decided to have a whole day devoted to outer space!
We’ll start off the day with the solar system passage- do a bit of close reading/interactive note-taking. Then, I am going to set up stations that the students will rotate through for almost the rest of the day. I have printed in color and laminated three sets of the fact cards. The comprehension questions that go with the passage will be a station, the Venn Diagrams with a set of fact cards will be a station, the Planetary Problems with a set of fact cards will be a station, the weight activity will be a station, and the brainstorm for the brochure will be a station (I will have a set of the fact cards there and the How Do You Burp In Space? book as well so students can use them to brainstorm). Then the last hour or so of the day, the students will create their travel brochure! You can grab the unit if you’d like from my TPT store!
If you want to create this travel brochure in your room, you can grab the brainstorm page for free here!
Have a great week next week! :o)