Place Value Differentiated Stations for Math Workshop: Hollywood Style! (3-5)


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Place Value Differentiated Stations

These differentiated place value math stations were designed to be used with the M-A-T-H model (Math Facts, At Your Seat, Teacher’s Choice, Hands-On) but they can absolutely be used with any workshop model! They are perfect for 3rd and 4th graders, and can even be used with 5th graders who need extra practice with these skills. (This set focuses on whole numbers, not decimals.)


You can read about how math workshop runs in my room, or buy the guide to Launching Math Workshop. **In the guide, there are also starter stations included, which cover some place value skills that you could mix in with these stations.**


All of the stations include teacher suggestions and student directions (if needed). Answer keys are also given. Please remember, these stations are great to use all year long for a review, not just when you are teaching place value. There aren’t any activities specifically made for Teacher’s Choice since you can decide what you want in this station. I have provided suggestions for each station as well as differentiated versions. You could also use some of these activities in small groups- the possibilities are endless! Adapt these to fit YOUR needs!

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Included in this set:
Walk of Fame (multiplication facts)
black and white & color options

Place Value Action (hundreds and thousands versions)
dice and playing cards options

Movies Making Money (story problems)
hundreds, thousands, and millions versions

Popcorn Rounding (hundreds and thousands versions)
sorting and written activities

This could be technology use, a previous station, a game, or one of the other stations in this set!

Subtracting with the Stars (base-ten blocks)
versions with and without regrouping

Picture Perfect Creations (base-ten blocks)
creativity and written activity

Staging Comparisons (greater than/less than)
differentiate with types of dice


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