American Revolution: Road to the Revolution Document-Based Questions (DBQs)


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American Revolution

Document-Based Questions (DBQs) are a great way to expose students to primary sources as well as to make them think about an event in history and respond to it.
This unit can be used in a few ways. You can project the full-page images on my board so that we can discuss them, and then the students answer the DBQ in their notebooks. I have also included the DBQs in printable format so that your students can answer on paper and digital Google Forms that you can send electronically.
I like to use DBQs to introduce an event or topic, but you can also use it as review. These spark great class discussion, but can easily be used for a grade, too! It is up to you how to make these fit your needs.
All images in this unit are considered public domain, so they are not copyright-protected.

Included in this unit:
Join or Die Cartoon during French and Indian War
Pennsylvania Journal Newspaper with Skull and Crossbones Stamp (Stamp Act)
Boston Massacre Newspaper Engraving
Boston Tea Party
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Painting
Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride Poem and Painting
Possible Answers for the DBQs

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