Workshop Wednesday: Opinion Writing

Hello, friends! Happy Hump Day!! I am honestly struggling to believe that it is only Wednesday this week. Anyone else have the longest-week-ever syndrome? Guess my Sunday post wasn’t completely true about losing that hour because, boy oh boy, did I feel it Monday morning!!!

Today, we are sharing how we teach opinion writing! I love working on this with my students because kids get excited too- what kid do you know DOESN’T like to share his opinion? I dare say, not one. 😛

We read:

which is a HILARIOUS book, if you haven’t read it. The wolf is telling “his side” of what happened with the three little pigs. In this lesson, my students had to give their opinion of whether the wolf was lying or telling the truth. We talk about how telling someone your opinion doesn’t mean much if you don’t have reasons, or EVIDENCE, to support your opinion. Here is the organizer they used, which you can grab for free!

I had them work alone first to fill in the organizer…

My favorite is, “newspapers sometimes lie when they have no exciting news.” Pretty smart kid, huh??

So then, they got with a partner who also shared their opinion to make sure the evidence they provided was true “evidence” and not just more opinions…

They could change or add to their evidence, too, if they heard another idea that they liked better.

I have shared a couple other ideas for Opinion Writing this year… in the beginning of the year, we gave our opinions of what makes a good friend using the book, Scaredy Squirrel. Also, you can check out a previous Workshop Wednesday to see my Christopher Columbus Opinion Writing, as well as others’ ideas for how they teach opinion writing.

Now it’s your turn!