Science Mentor Text: Newton and Me {with FREEBIES!}

Happy Sunday! I am excited to share a book we read to start off our Force, Motion, and Simple Machines Unit:

The book is a “primary” book- it is written in rhyme, and reviews concepts that students know naturally- like a ball won’t roll unless something moves it, and it won’t roll very fast in the grass. So how did I use something so simple with my fourth graders??

Over a couple of days, we learned the definitions of force, motion, push, pull, gravity, and friction. I gave them a quick skill practice to make sure they understood these words, which you can grab for free from my TPT store!

Then, they applied that knowledge to the book as we read. I gave them a sheet to glue into their notebook, and we filled it in and discussed it as we read! You can grab this page for free!

The students enjoyed listening to a simpler book, but still were able to apply their higher level knowledge to it! I hope you can use these ideas in your room, too! Make sure to check out the other fun science texts at Collaboration Cuties’ blog!

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