Wordless Wednesday- Workshop Wednesday Returns Next Week!

I am returning this week for Wordless Wednesday! We finished five days of state testing yesterday, so I thought I would share how we celebrated!

I did this last year, too! The students write down all of their worries/stresses about the test on colorful paper. Then, I have them cut it up small so that it can no longer be read and I store all the pieces in a Ziploc bag. This bag hung on the board all week during testing to remind them not to worry… then when testing was over, we celebrated with CONFETTI! :o)

Do you do anything fun to celebrate testing being OVER?

Also, Workshop Wednesday will be back in session next week! :o) I’d love for you to come link up next week and share your favorite book (or books) that you like to end the year with in Reading Workshop! You can share activities to go along with the book if you’d like, too!