Spark Student Motivation!

I am so excited to link up with one of my very BEST BBBs, Joanne! This is her first linky party (how freaking cute is her button??? So sparkly!!) and I know it will be a successful one because the topic is absolutely “magical!” 🙂 Each week, link up with her to share your magic tricks for motivating students- can be something you currently use or have used in the past… or even something you want to use!

This week, I want to share my “Good Deeds Tickets.”

I do everything I can to promote kindness and community in my classroom. One way I do this is through good deeds tickets. I have a huge roll of tickets like this:

I tear them apart and put them in a basket on my desk. I also have an empty tennis ball tube (no hands can get down in there…) sitting next to it for ticket collection.

Anyone that does something nice for someone else gets a ticket FROM THAT PERSON. For example, Vanessa helped John pick up his crayons that just flew all over the floor when his box came open… John gives Vanessa a ticket. She writes her name on it and turns it in. Then on Friday, I do a drawing. I usually pull 5 names (one for each day of that week). If I pull a duplicate, I redraw just to give others a chance. The winners get to choose a reward coupon they can cash in for fun stuff: homework pass, eat with the teacher, eat with a friend, candy from “my secret stash,” extra computer time, etc…

It has really helped my kiddos be more conscious of being considerate and helpful to others. I’m hoping this little “trick” helps kindess become a HABIT, not just something they do for a ticket. 😉

What are some of the tricks you have up your sleeve? Jump over to Head Over Heels For Teaching to share, and check out some other awesome ideas!! 🙂

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