Word Work Ideas… New Topic for This Week’s Workshop Wednesday!

Hey friends!

I collaborated with some of my BBBs to come up with the idea for this week’s Workshop Wednesday. Now that school is really moving and grooving for everyone, we’ll be back to a weekly topic, and I’ll let you know Sunday and/or Monday the topic for the coming Wednesday.

This week, I’d love to hear how you incorporate word work into your Reading Workshop! I shared with you in August how I use my rolling cart of drawers for my stations in math and reading:

Word Work for fourth grade in my county consists of greek and latin roots. I also throw in synonyms, antonyms, and homophones/homographs too, but root words are the majority. Before they can complete the word work activity for the week (which I’ll share more about this week for Workshop Wednesday), I have to do a little “preview” of the word. I created an activity where students read four words as well as their definitions. All of the words have matching prefixes, root words, or suffixes, depending on the week. They can figure out the meaning of the prefix, root word, or suffix by finding the commonality in the definitions. Each page includes a picture clue with the prefix, root, or suffix, too!

My kiddos glue these into their word study journal. We do the graphic organizer together with a highlighter, then they use it to help them with their word work activities during the week. If you would like to use these organizers in your classroom, you can get them from my store!

All of the organizers were created with the book we were given by our county:

…but you don’t have to have this book to use the organizers! The parts of words covered are:
in-/im-, com-, col-, de-, pro-, audi-/audit-, voc-/voke, spec/spect, terra, trac/tract, trans, inter, per-, auto-, tele-, -able/-ible, -ology, -arium/-ary, -er/-or, -ify, multi-, poly-, micro-, and mega-.

I’ll show you the games and more activities we do with these word parts on Wednesday! I’d love to hear what kinds of things you do on Wednesday, too! Make sure to come back and link up! :o)