Tried It Tuesday: Writing With Voice (again!!)

I’m linking up for Tried It Tuesday with another fun activity to do with kiddos to encourage “voice” to come out in their writing! Thanks to my awesome BBB Holly for hosting each week! :o) Last week, I linked up an activity for voice and point of view- check it out if you missed it. This week, I did a little something different to work with voice and point of view…

Have you seen this adorable book yet??

If you have not seen it, or bought it, you must ASAP! 😛 Each crayon in the box writes a letter to their owner, Duncan, expressing their concerns to him… and some of them are hysterical! My kids laughed out loud several times, as did I.

We have been working on opinion writing, and how to include reasons and details to support their opinions. This book is great to demonstrate this because each crayon supports his reason for quitting very well. You also “hear” the voice of each crayon- which is another big thing we’ve been working on. Here are a couple pages (you can click on them to enlarge them):

But let me tell you, my kids’ favorite was PEACH. I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t read it- but you’ll all be rolling when you get to that page. :o)

After reading the book, we made a list of objects that we use everyday- things that might “quit” on us. Some ideas were forks, spoons, knives, soccer balls, chairs, books, toothbrushes… the list went on and on. Then I had them choose an object and write a letter to themselves from the point of view of that object. I also did not want them to SAY what they were until the end of their letter- I wanted them to give clues and reasons that would help us understand what object they were. Check out these HILARIOUS quick writes we did! (We are not taking these through the writing process, this was a “quick write” to practice writing from a different point of view and showing voice.)

Yes, he said “buttocks.” LOL These kids are a hoot! There were several great ones, but these were my favorites, and the most legible. :o) I wish I had gotten a picture of my student who wrote from the point of view of a soccer ball- it was so good, too! “You’re always kicking me around, putting your stinky shoes all over me!”

Do you have any ideas for opinion writing, or activities for voice? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

PS.. don’t forget to link up tomorrow for Workshop Wednesday- we are sharing about WORD WORK activities! :o) To get your brains going on the topic, yesterday I shared an activity we do in my classroom. I hope to see you at the party!