Parts of Speech Grammar Posters


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These parts of speech posters use the multi-sensory grammar color codes. They include the definitions as well as examples of the parts of speech in use for the following:
⭐️relative pronoun
⭐️article/noun marker
⭐️helping verb/auxiliary verb
⭐️linking verb
⭐️relative adverb

They are perfect to display in the classroom, or for individual student use. (Print 4 to a page to create an easy-to-make student reference book!) You can also send these to students for a virtual learning reference material with the link provided in the resource.

I have provided variations of a few of the posters to help with the way you refer to the parts of speech in your classroom (article/noun marker, helping verb/auxiliary verb, using terms like describe vs. modify).

These are perfect to use with mentor sentences!

Since it shows the words in action in the sentence on each poster, students will have a better understanding of the function of the words in their mentor sentences!

Use them digitally with mentor sentences using this free template.

Get a YEAR of mentor sentences for your grade level below:
✏️ K-1 Emergent Level

✏️ 2nd Grade Level

✏️ 3rd-5th Grade Level Volume 1

✏️ 3rd-5th Grade Level Volume 2

✏️ 3rd-5th Grade Level Volume 3

Mentor sentences are the perfect way to teach grammar and author’s craft through examples of excellent sentences from your favorite read-aloud books!

Not familiar with mentor sentences? Read all about them here!

**Watch a video of Mentor Sentences in ACTION!**

If you need more proof that the numerous volumes of mentor sentence curricula created by Ideas by Jivey are a best practice in the classroom, download the case study! The download presents the data collected over the 2016-2017 school year in the form of a case study.


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