Paired Texts / Paired Passages: Epidemics and Germs Grades 4-6


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Share these informational paired passages with your students when teaching about germs or infectious diseases. These passages meet the demand for more rigorous, complex texts with Common Core- especially paired texts that students can use to compare and build knowledge to integrate information and draw conclusions. The passages in this set are great to stretch your 4th and 5th graders, and still appropriate for many students in middle school as well.

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In my 4th grade classroom, I use each of the texts for close reading and annotating lessons- this helps ensure the students fully comprehend the texts before having to answer questions about both texts together. Click here to see a blog post showing how I model purposeful annotating! My students use their annotated texts to answer the questions. Since the texts are in the “stretch” range for 4th and 5th, I don’t give these texts as cold reads, but if you have students reading on a 6th-8th grade level, you definitely could! If your students have not been exposed to paired text questions, you may want to walk them through some examples before you ever take a grade.

There are two styles of passages provided to help suit various needs. There are not multiple levels of passages included.

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