Hey, That’s My Monster!: Free Mentor Sentence Lesson for K-2


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This sequel to “I Need My Monster” by Amanda Noll is sure to be as big of a hit with your students as the original! I have provided activities for K-1 AND 2nd grade – please pick and choose what is appropriate for the level of your students!!

These mentor sentences are part of a balanced literacy approach. Students will listen to you read the mentor text, identify/notice words, punctuation, and parts of a sentence, read the words of the mentor sentence, arrange the words to re-form the sentence, learn about past and present tense verbs and talk about other words that could fit into the sentence, imitate the sentence by writing in their own words, read their sentence, illustrate their sentence, and even create a class book that can be read over and over again. There is also a “quiz” for the week over the skill you worked on (two are provided- one is lower level).

This is a bonus lesson you can try out in your classroom with the book Hey, That’s My Monster by Amanda Noll.

Not familiar with mentor sentences? Read all about them here!

**Watch a video of Mentor Sentences in ACTION with ELL students in Kindergarten!**

**Watch a video of Mentor Sentences in ACTION with first graders!**


Mentor Sentences can be done in ALL grades! Please tell your teacher friends about mentor sentences for their grade:
Kindergarten & ELL (Early Emergent Readers)
First Grade
Second Grade

There are three volumes for grades 3-5 to help prevent repetition of mentor sentence lessons among grades in the same school.
Check out what’s in Volume 1!
Check out what’s in Volume 2!
Check out what’s in Volume 3!


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