White Owl, Barn Owl

So, it’s better to show up late to a party than not at all right??

I’m linking up with the Collaboration Cuties to share about a great book I found recently. Make sure to check out the other link-ups at their blog too if you haven’t already. There are some AWESOME ones!

I am going to share with you about a book called White Owl, Barn Owl.

The book is about a girl and her dad who put an owl nesting box in the tree and are waiting for an owl to come to it. It can TOTALLY be used as a comparison story to another one of my favorites, Owl Moon!

What I love about this book is that it is written as a narrative, but each illustration has factual captions. And even though it’s fiction, there are many “facts” written into the story throughout, as well.

We talked about how the author, Nicola Davies, must have learned about owls first before writing her story. Even though it’s fiction, the way she describes the owl are spot on! I had the students listen as I read JUST the story (not the captions) and list anything they heard that told facts about owls:

Then I went back and read the captions to them. They all agreed that listening to it in story form was WAY more interesting and entertaining than just listing the facts.

I decided last year that animal adaptations was TOO much fun to wait until the spring to teach. I am going to teach it all throughout the year using Language Arts activities, then do “just” the science part in the Spring. I created a unit about owls using Gail Gibbons’s book, as well as Nicola Davies’s book. There is only one activity that must be used SPECIFICALLY with White Owl, Barn Owl (which is pictured above)… all of the other activities could really be done with any non-fiction book about owls.