I’ve Been Boo’ed!

Gary over at Scrappy Guy Designs is having a fun linky to share about how we “celebrate” Halloween, but remain PC about it. I didn’t do much of anything last year except read some fun books, but the year before, we had PUMPKIN MANIA!! Some parents donated pumpkins to carve, and we actually did educational pumpkin activities ALL DAY, including carving our pumpkins!

Looking back at these pictures made me miss my kiddos so much! I actually looped with that crew from 3rd to 4th. They were such a fun bunch!! And the parents were SPECTACULAR. They were the only reason we could HAVE Pumpkin Mania!

This year, I have a few who can’t celebrate, so I’ll stick with my PC book, I Need My Monster for the week- we’ll be doing lots of fun language arts activities with it… and I’m tempted to somehow incorporate the idea Joanne shared today, too, but with a monster mask!! Some of my girls will totally pee their pants!!! 😛