Integrating The Real World Into Text Structure Lessons

Well… believe it or not, us southern folks in Georgia might be looking at more days out of school this week for snow and ice! EEK!!! We have already used all of our snow days and have even tacked a day on to the end of the year… now it looks like there will be more! :o(

Of course, my kids were all buzzing about it today – some are happy for snow days because they don’t realize the consequences… some are seriously MAD that we may be out a few days this week because they don’t want their summer to be shorter! I took advantage of the conversation and we used it with our last text structure – Problem and Solution!

We’ve been using Pinkadots Elementary’s Text Structure Unit – it’s been great because the kids get to read a passage that has the focused text structure, then write their own paragraph for that text structure. Today, we wrote about the problem of school being cancelled due to ice and snow. We had a conversation about how it is a law in our state that a school year is 180 days, so their solution could NOT be “don’t make up the days.” But that was the extent of our conversation because I really wanted to see what kind of solutions they could present. I have to say, I was very impressed with their ideas! Here are a few:

I told this next kid that he was the smartest because he “stole” my idea- I would love if we could just add on a little time to the end of each day NOW instead of coming at the end of the year!!

Mainly because all of the high-stakes testing happens in April- we are missing days now that we need for that test. It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to add them to the end of the year… maybe I could send these pages to our Superintendent? 😛