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Sparking TEACHER Motivation :o)

Happy Weekend! :o) I am going to cheat a little for Joanne's linky today... Instead of sharing how to motivate students, I thought at this time of year, all of us teachers might need a little motivation!
I have used this teacher memory book from Collaboration Cuties the last few years, and it not only gives me a chance to reflect on the year from a student perspective, but it also helps me realize that even when things are so crazy and I feel a bit out of it and maybe a *little* overwhelmed, the kids still love me. :-P
I printed using the "booklet" option under print settings (not sure if all printers have this... but mine does!) to save on paper... My kids completed this yesterday, and after a long week, I sat down last night and read them. These kids seriously melt my heart. I am going to miss them next year!
Anyone else think it's the biggest compliment when they accidentally call you "mama"?
This helps me remember that the little things are what they hold onto... even from the first day of school!
 I am so proud of her for knowing what kind of learner she is, and glad I could be THAT teacher!
 How sweet is this?? Yep, I love minions.........
This student has made sooooo much progress in reading this year, but sadly, we haven't been able to get him the math support he needs yet. Poor guy... so stressed! :(
 Awwww. This is the bad thing I think about bigger class sizes. I try to get as much time in each day with all my kids, but it just doesn't always happen... I wish I could change that!
 This guy has really had a rough time this year with 4th grade... he was pulled out for reading support during my reading block, which helped him... but from his point of view, he wishes I would have taught him reading instead. Again... if we had smaller class sizes, maybe it would have worked...
This makes me smile- and several of them said this for Social Studies- because the American Revolution is my FAVORITE thing to teach in Social Studies... it obviously rubs off on my students. :o)

Do you have your students reflect on the year? I think it not only helps them think about all they have learned, but it helps us to realize what we are doing RIGHT, and what we can do BETTER. :o)


  1. This is too cute! My kiddos write something nice about each other and I put them together to create a book for each student.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. Aw! Your kids obviously really love you!! They all want more time with you! How sweet! I've always thought it was so hard to get into our students' heads, which is why I originally made this! I'm glad it has helped and motivated you!
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. My students wrote reflections this past week and we sat in a circle to share out loud - I had tears in my eyes hearing their sweet words. And, you are so right when we think we are stressed and not as fun the kids never really notice and always remember the fun times. Also, I so agree about being called "mama" the biggest compliment. :)

  4. Amazing - your student reflections really do show how important you are to them, how the little things matter and that you are an amazing teacher!

  5. What a fun and sweet way to end the year - and to get some confirmation from your students! I'm sure some of the shyer, quieter students wouldn't say these things to you personally, but will write it to you in the packet. I usually do a "Teacher Report Card" where the students "grade" me on different categories - this looks like a way of generating more in-depth responses. I'm off to check it out! :)

    Joy in the Journey

  6. I love honest feedback from kids-it helps us grow. But mama, it looks like you've done everything right with this group! :) Such sweet compliments and thoughtful comments! Love it! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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