Workshop Wednesday: Math Card Games

Wednesday already?? Whew! Testing Week wears me out, and it’s the kids doing all the work- not me!!

Aaaaanyway- on to Workshop Wednesday!

Today we are linking up our favorite Math Card Games! It doesn’t have to be a game that uses playing cards- any cards will do. 🙂 I personally love Love LOVE using playing cards for math games. You can get a pack of two for a dollar at the dollar store!! I’m linking up (yes in my own linky party) to A Teacher Without a Class for her Dollar Days to remind everyone to get your cards for games people link up today at the dollar store!!!

My Dollar Tree carries these cards. They are pretty durable, even with as much as we use them! I bought enough my first year to have decks for my class to use with partners. Each year, I go buy a couple more packs of two and trade out cards that are really worn out. I take out the Jokers and write the same alphabet letter on every card in that deck so if a card gets left out of its Ziploc bag, we can find where it belongs quickly. I did stickers one year, but we used them so much, the stickers were peeling up and those little boogers would remember what the card was based on how the sticker was peeling up! REALLY?!?!

One of my favorite games that I teach my kids early in the year is called Lightning. (Actually, it had another name, but I couldn’t remember what it was, so I renamed it this year. Ha!!) Click the picture below, or here, to download the rules for the game for free!

Please leave feedback on TPT if you download this freebie! Don’t forget to do the same for others’ items, too! 🙂

I can’t wait to get a collection of new games to teach my kiddos! They love playing card games and I’m happy because they are doing math at the same time! 🙂

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