Workshop Wednesday: Columbus Opinion Writing

Time for another edition of Workshop Wednesday! Today, we are focusing on Opinion Writing. Please link up your posts with ideas, lessons, books, or anything else that goes with this topic! 🙂  (Please refrain from direct links to your store… you can always share your product and how you use it in your post, though!)

Today, I’m going to share with you how we integrate Social Studies into our writing in my classroom. As we have been learning about explorers, our big question for this week’s writing piece is:

Is Christopher Columbus a hero or a villian?

We’ve read about Columbus in our Studies Weekly newspaper…
…and we read You Wouldn’t Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus!
…and we’ve done interactive notetaking with a passage about Columbus… (and you can get that freebie here!)
…and finally, we read Encounter, which is a historical fiction book about Columbus’s landing from the point of view of a Taino boy.

Students get a different perspective of Columbus in this book- and although it’s fiction, it is definitely based on historical truth. It is an AWESOME book that I could go on and on and on about for reading and language arts skills, too, but I’ll stay on topic today. 😛
Since students had several sources and perspectives about Christopher Columbus, they should have an opinion formed of him. Check out these quick write opinion pieces! 🙂 You can click on any of the pictures to blow them up and read them more easily. I think they are off to a great start!