Tried It Tuesday: Fraction Match Games

I’m linking up with Holly for Tried It Tuesday to share about some games I tried before we got out for Winter Break!
I was so excited when I was asked to review these awesome Fraction Match Games by EAI Education! You know I love to incorporate games into my Math Workshop, and these did not disappoint. The kids loved them! 

This box includes 8 games, all color-coded which is GREAT because if any cards get left out of their individual box, they can be put back easily.

Each game in this 4th grade box covers all that we need to teach in Common Core when it comes to fractions. There are 11 “matches” in each game. A few of my students that really need extra practice with certain skills were told what game to play during stations, but some of my higher kids could pick what they wanted to practice. These could easily be played with partners or groups of students- a few of mine worked in groups of 3 but most worked as partners.

I required my students to use their notebooks to work out their answers:

This student drew pictures to confirm her match.
This student did the subtraction in his notebook to make sure the cards matched.

My students really enjoyed playing the games! I will be leaving them out for them to play when they finish stations, or some weeks, as a station. It’s a great addition to my Math Workshop because there is no preparation or copies to run, and the kids love to play match games!

If you are interested in ordering from EAI Education, you can get free shipping on orders over $30 using the promo code JIVEYFS2014 from now through April 7th! There are other grade levels in the Fraction Match Games if you are interested in those, and there are tons of other great products on their site in math, literacy, and science!

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