Sparking Motivation When You’re Away

While my BBB Joanne is off enjoying the sun on a FABULOUS Disney Cruise (totally jealous…), I’ve been dealing with a crazy cold (or some kind of virus that resembles a cold…?) and had to take a couple days off this week to try to get over it. Well actually, the first day I took off was scheduled and I ended up sick! Don’t you hate that?? I call that a “personal health day” fail.

But, knowing that I’d be out, I tried to motivate a few of my kids that aren’t always “at their best” when a sub is there. I left dry erase marker notes on their desk!

I think it helped! I didn’t have a list of names from the sub when I returned, and instead I had very sweet get well cards from my kids. 😛

P.S. Have you heard of the newest Educents bundle? I am excited to be a part of it, with some of my favorites, including Joanne, Amelia from Where the Wild Things Learn, Theresa from Pinkadots Elementary, and AMC from Looking From Third to Fourth!

Click here to read more about it!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to come back next Wednesday to link up your ideas about how you teach the kids to write poetry for Workshop Wednesday! :o)