Spark Student Motivation: Bubble Gum Day!

I can’t believe it. The year is coming to a close… and we have less than five weeks of school left…! I’m linking up with my sweet BBB Joanne to share one way I keep things fun and exciting as we wind down the year!

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Doing an ABC Countdown is SUCH a fun way to close out the year. Each of the last 26 days is a letter of the alphabet, and tied to the letter is something fun that starts with that letter.

Yesterday was (B): Bubble Gum Day!

We had so much fun while still reviewing important math and language skills!

bubble gum day integration unit

We started off the day by learning about how gum was “invented” and changed over the years with the bubble gum passage (and chewing gum of course). It was great to practice our test-taking strategies with the questions.

bubble gum parts of speech sort

Then, we sorted the parts of speech gumballs into their correct gumball machines (adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions). Each gumball has a sentence with a word underlined.

I had my kids work in their table groups to complete this. (I made four sets of the game.) They all took a couple of the gumballs and took turns reading their sentence, and telling where they think the sentence should go and why. They had such a good time- honestly! It makes me laugh because if I had given them a worksheet with these sentences on it, they would have groaned…

During math, students saw how many bubbles they could blow in one minute (I gave them all some Dubble Bubble) and we made a line plot to display our data:

Then they completed the activity using the information from the line plot.

bubble gum graphing

We had to add a plus sign next to the 10 to make it 10+ bubbles because we had some friends blow more than 10! I have some talented kids!

We also had fun reviewing angles AND prime/composite numbers with this game:

bubble gum sticky angles game

Don’t want to make color copies? The kids still had fun with it in black and white!


There is also a fantastic book called On Account of the Gum by Adam Rex you can use for cause and effect, and as a launching pad for creative writing!

on account of the gum mentor text

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