Ramona Recommends: Love Her!

Hi friends! I am sharing a fun new blogger with you that you MUST check out (and follow)! When she heard my Workshop Wednesday was going to be about biographies, she was so excited to share some of her favorite biographies and I was so excited to let her share them with you here!! Don’t forget to come back Wednesday to share how you teach students to write biographies in Writer’s Workshop for Workshop Wednesday!

And now, without further ado… meet my friend, Courtney!


Hello! I am so excited and honored to be a guest blogger at Ideas by Jivey. I’m Courtney from Ramona Recommends. Nice to meet you! A few months ago, I started recommending books on my personal Instagram and received a quality amount of interest. I have always loved reading other teacher and fashion blogs. Ramona Recommends started on a Saturday night in November in front of the TV. At Ramona Recommends, I share my favorite children’s literature, and I hope you will open the MAGIC.

Like Jivey, I heart children’s literature so much that my official count as of 3 minutes ago is 1331. WOW! I’m glad we share the same sentiments. If you are a collector as well, or want to start collecting, let me give you a tip. Start a digital database. I created mine in excel and each time I buy a new book or 10 I input the book(s) into my system. If I buy a new book, I must put it in my system that evening. #imakedealswithmyself. My spreadsheet is simple. It has the book title and author. That is it. Simple!

Today, I want to share three of my favorite children’s literature biographies. Each biography I chose describes a little piece of me. Biographies warm my heart. I love learning about history through pictures and poetic language. Not all biographies have to be novels. They can come in picture book form too! Isn’t it great!

Did you know that if you were a slave you didn’t use your last name? Do you know Mumbet? In 5th grade, we learn all about the Revolution Era. I suggest Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence be added to your book-shelve. Come learn about one woman’s heroic fight for freedom in Massachusetts during the Revolution Era. The pictures are breath taking. When I hear picture books are just for 1st graders, it makes me so upset. I believe picture books are for ALL ages. Multiple perspectives and feelings can be drawn from pictures. This book is written for upper elementary+. The language and content is much suited for students who want to dig deep into the language and discuss the meaning of, “If she could have one minute in her life, just to say I am free..”.

I don’t know about you, but I love learning fun facts about presidents. Did you know that President Taft weighed 340 pounds? President Taft is Stuck in the Bath is a picture book that came out about 2 weeks ago. This book presents a fun way to learn realistic information through an array of overdrawn pictures, and slap of the knee phrases. According to some reports, it unclear if he actually got stuck, but because of his size you never know.

If you teach 3rd grade, I am sure you know about the series Who Was? I love this series. The books are well written and share a wealth of information about a variety of influential people. I chose to share Who was Walt Disney because Disneyland has brought so much joy to my entire family. Disneyland is such a magical place. Just Fyi- May 29, What is the Statue of Liberty will make it’s debut.

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