Rainbow Editing and Revising {FREEBIE!}

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week this week!

We have been working hard in my classroom on our Snow Globe Stories. I don’t know about your kids, but I imagine they are a lot like mine… when it comes time to edit and revise, they read it and SAY they’ve edited and revised, but I don’t ever see any real proof that they have done it.

I decided to create an activity for the students to follow that would guide them in editing and revising their writing.

Freebie Rainbow Editing and Revising Activity with Ideas by Jivey.

And you’re in luck!! You can grab this activity for free!

This has been the best way that I’ve found to make the kids actually PAY ATTENTION to what they are reading. I talk to them about paying attention to how much writing they have between those red and orange circles (in other words, do you have a giant run-on sentence?), and if all of the yellow and green words are the same they need to change it up,  and of course if they only have one or two blue lines, they should consider adding some more.

Freebie Rainbow Editing and Revising with Ideas by Jivey.

This has been an absolute game changer in my classroom, and I hope that it will help you in yours, too!

Freebie Rainbow Editing and Revising with Ideas by Jivey.

As you can see above, the students see when they need “more color” and they work to correct it. :o)

What do you do in your classroom to make sure the students are actually making changes to their stories? I’d love to hear your ideas!