Daily Grammar & Vocabulary Language Arts Bundle | Volume 1, Unit 1 (Grades 3-5)


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This comprehensive bundle for grammar and vocabulary combines three original resources from my Volume 1 curriculum sets that seamlessly integrate with well-loved picture books used as mentor texts, providing a rich and engaging learning experience for your students.

Save time and money by investing in this bundle that maximizes your teaching potential. All three resources included are designed to work with the same ten mentor texts, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach.

Every activity should be used alongside these mentor texts:
-First Day Jitters By Julie Danneberg
-Enemy Pie By Derek Munson
-Saturdays and Teacakes By Lester Laminack
-My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother By Patricia Polacco
-Fireflies! By Julie Brinckloe
-Come On, Rain! By Karen Hesse
-The Man Who Walked Between The Towers By Mordicai Gerstein
-Verdi By Janell Cannon
-Stellaluna By Janell Cannon
-I Need My Monster By Amanda Noll

Books not included! I chose books that would be in most personal libraries or school media centers. All of these are personal favorites of mine! Ideally, this bundle would work best at the beginning of the school year (based on the books especially), but it could really be started at any point.


1. Mentor Sentences Unit: Daily Grammar Vol 1 – First 10 Weeks

Say goodbye to boring worksheets and lectures! This unit offers ready-to-teach mentor sentence lessons that will have students working with sentences from favorite read-aloud mentor texts.

Engage students in 10-15 minutes of daily practice with one or two grammar and language skills, exposing them to new and previous grammar skills. This spiral learning approach is such a game-changer for students’ grammar understanding and writing abilities.

There is a 9-page introduction in this FIRST unit with pictures included of how I use mentor sentences in my room (VERY detailed, day-by-day), followed by 10 lessons that include:

    • the teacher sentence page for display
    • the student sentence page to glue into notebooks
    • a lesson plan page with answers for each day’s routine
    • a formative assessment/quiz with answer key (provided in print and digital format) which also includes editing practice


2. Interactive Language Arts Activities Companion: Volume 1 – First Ten Weeks

Enhance your mentor sentence lessons with these interactive activities. Each week, you’ll find an activity to work with the focus skill in the mentor sentence lesson and apply it to writing.

Activities are provided in both printable and Google Slides formats, covering:

      • Possessive Nouns
      • Adjectives
      • Common and Proper Nouns
      • Subjects and Predicates
      • Compound Sentences
      • Vivid Verbs
      • Comparative & Superlative Adjectives
      • Apostrophes
      • Dialogue

3. Vocabulary Companion to Volume 1, Unit 1

Teach vocabulary in context with this vivid vocabulary pack.

Activities are designed on researched best practices and align with the same mentor texts used in the other two units.

★ Activities are also provided as links to Google Slides for Digital Learning! ★

Every mentor text “set” of activities includes the “What Do You Think?” page for context application and the “Show What You Know” page to formatively assess students. The other activities vary based on the text and the vocabulary words.

There are open-ended activities and ideas provided that can be used with any words, and I encourage you to incorporate past words in with the current words using these formats for frequent repetition.

Please remember, this purchase is for the use of one teacher. It is not intended to be shared. Please use the ‘additional license’ purchase if more than one teacher will be using it. Thank you!

*The mentor sentence lessons I have created are adapted from the ideas of Jeff Anderson. These lessons were born from the routine that worked well in my classroom, and the demos and examples I present are variations of Jeff Anderson’s methods. This is not the only way to “do” mentor sentences in your classroom.*

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