No Worksheet Wednesday (On Thursday)

Yes, I know… a day late to the party. But I could not pass up the opportunity to link up with the lovelies over at Primary Chalkboard! I had every intention of linking up yesterday, but I had a fun night with friends instead, and it was much needed! :o)

We are having a great time in math with geometry! We definitely don’t want to waste our time on worksheets with all the fun that can be had with protractors and geoboards!

With Ideas by Jivey

We are classifying triangles by their angles, so what better way than to actually measure them to prove if they are right, acute, or obtuse?

We are also having some fun with this game called Triangle Splat in our technology station:

Triangle Splat with Ideas by Jivey

I hope this gives you some fun ideas of things you can do to save some trees and have some fun with your kiddos in geometry! :o)

Go check out Primary Chalkboard for more ideas to be worksheet free!