Monday Made-It – yard, fan freebies, and survey results!

I’m linking up with Tara today for Monday Made It!

On Friday, I told you about all the work I had to do in my backyard… I needed to clear the branches and debris that had been tossed over into my yard when there was no one living here, as well as cut back some of the low branches on the trees.

Well, I did it! I made my yard a WHOLE NEW YARD! Seriously! I can’t believe what a difference it made!

Isn’t it great?!? I know, you are probably not as excited as me about this… so I won’t go on and on with a ton of pictures. But I do have to show you everything that came off that hill and those trees!!

Honestly, this picture of the pile doesn’t even do it justice. I should have stood next to it so you could see. It was as tall as me, and was the length of my entire kitchen!

Thanks for hanging in there with me if you’re still reading. 😛

A couple weeks ago, I told you that I added a Fan Freebies page to my Facebook page- ONLY FANS can access the freebies!

I did this following a very easy video made by Ms. Fultz!

I wanted to give just a couple more tips for after you finish the video that I figured out on my own.

#1- If you don’t want it called “New Tab 1”, when you are on your Facebook page, click the down arrow next to your tabs (in the picture below, mine is an up arrow because I’ve already clicked the down arrow so you could see the next part). Then, hover over your fan freebies tab so that a pencil appears in the top right corner.

Click the pencil and choose Edit Settings. It will open a window like this:

Where it says Custom Tab Name, you can change the name there!

#2- You can also change your Tab Image, which is a little tricky if you don’t have a photography program because the image must be 111×74 pixels – which is VERY TINY. I made mine very quickly in Paint, just so there was an image there.

In Paint, click “resize” and change the size of your canvas to 111×74 pixels. (Uncheck Maintain aspect ratio if it is checked or it will want to change the vertical number automatically.)

I just filled the canvas with a color and added text – simple, easy peezy!

Then I changed my Tab Image by uploading that button!

I hope that helps if you are thinking of adding your own Fan Freebies to Facebook! :o)

Last but not least, I made a survey last week asking for help with a future Mentor Sentence Mini-Unit that I’ll be creating! There were so many of you with a strong desire to see some non-fiction and/or chapter books, and I aim to please! So… drumroll please…… the results are in:

Yes, that’s right. There was a TIE! So it looks like I’ll be making an American Revolution Mini-Unit AND an American Historical Figures Mini-Unit! I can’t promise you a timeline for when they’ll be done, but they will be coming SOON! :o) Thanks for all that voted! As a seller, I want to create products that I will use and that you WANT to buy!

Also, heads up! Workshop Wednesday this week is *GASP* cancelled (Shhhh, it’s ok. Keep reading!) because of a surprise… stay tuned! Make sure to come back Wednesday and see! :o) Of course, you can always link up to any week’s post from this month if you’d like to share some Pinterest finds!