Mentor Texts and Resources Database

I often get questions about which mentor texts I have used, the resources in which I used them, and the skills I cover with them. This database will answer all those questions (and more)!

**In my opinion, the database is MOST useful on a desktop computer- the mobile view is not as search/filter friendly.**

There are many ways to utilize the database- check out the quick tutorials underneath the database to learn to access the information in the most effective way for what you need.

**Note, the Amazon links in this post are affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything extra, and Amazon pays me a few cents for sending you their way. I use this money for book giveaways for my followers!**

Linked Standards

The standards listed in the database are the Core Standards (same as in my resources). I am aware that some live in states that don’t use these standards, however, I list the anchor standards for reading and writing which are very easy to correlate to others if needed:

Core Anchor Standards


Mentor Text and Resource Database


The database is set to view only, so don’t be afraid to play around with different filters to see all the ways you can search and use this spreadsheet! You cannot delete or “mess up” anything. 🙂

First, I find it easiest to navigate the database in the “larger version” – click the button at the bottom right corner of the database to view this version.


Then, check out all of the information you can view about each book/resource by scrolling to the right using the scroll bar at the bottom:


You can also view all of the information about a specific book without scrolling through the spreadsheet by clicking on the cell of the book you want to view, then clicking on the name of the book to open the record:

As you can see above, all of the links are clickable. The links will take you to the book on Amazon to purchase, or the resources in my shop.

There is a column for related resources, too- so if you are interested in seeing other ways to use the book, or resources that would pair nicely with the topic/subject, check those out!


If you know of a book you want to use, you can check to see what I have available for it by doing a search in the search bar:


If you want to filter the large database to be more specific for your needs, you can do that! Maybe you want to see all of the mentor texts that I have used for a certain grade level. Click “filter” and choose the “grade level” column, then choose your grade! You can choose multiple grades, too, if you’d like.


You can also add more filters! So, you’ve filtered all of the texts now by grade… perhaps you would also like to find a specific skill covered with the texts… add a second filter and select the column you need (mentor sentence focus skill, reading core standard, or writing core standard).


Or maybe you want to see all of the texts and information about a specific resource. Click “filter” and then choose the column you’d like to use to narrow your results – for example, maybe you want to see everything about Volume 1- choose “resource” and type Volume 1, and all of Volume 1 texts will be displayed!


I hope you find this database super useful! It will be updated with any new resources I create.