Five For Friday Halloween Style

Our Halloween-type festivities (without ever using the word “Halloween” of course) were SOOOOO much fun! I’m going to share all of our good times, Five For Friday Style!

We used The Widow’s Broom for reading activities and our mentor sentence this week. They did a great job imitating the sentence on their own, being sure to include a prepositional phrase at the beginning and end of their sentence! It was hard to choose just four this time for the wall of fame!

This sentence was offered as a freebie in my TPT store– snatch it up for next year if you use mentor sentences in your room…or to do next week! It’s technically not a “Halloween book!”

We focused on prepositional phrases in grammar this week. A friend sent me this link to Lesson Plan SOS’s blog and I knew I had to do it this week! The kids each made two “ghost pops” out of Tootsie Pops, tissues, and string. They hid them around the room as everyone had their head down (so they couldn’t see where they were being hidden of course) and I played the Ghostbuster’s Theme Song.

Then, once they were hidden, they had to go find two ghosts and write sentences about where their ghosts were WITH prepositional phrases! They loved it! And loved eating their Tootsie Pops too.

Another fun grammar activity I like to throw in when I can are Mad Libs! I have some Halloween ones, so we completed those. It’s GREAT parts of speech practice, and they love reading their crazy stories!

How FUN does this look?!?!?

My kids wrote SPOOOOOOOKY stories on Thursday with only the light of their glowstick. They had an ABSOLUTE blast. Seriously. I turned on Pandora’s Spooky Symphonies station and they wrote and wrote and wrote. Not a PEEP out of them!

Some of them totally impressed me with their stories too! We had to go to the floor and share them (with only the glowsticks of course) and some of them were pretty scary! LOL

Check out my amazing fourth grade team!! We were the crayons who (didn’t) quit fourth grade! :o) It was such a fun day, and we got a ton of compliments -funny because it was such an easy costume to create! 😛

I’m saving one of our fun activities from this week to share tomorrow for my BBB Joanne’s Saturday linky- be sure to come back tomorrow and check it out! :o)