Cloud Dance Mentor Text

Happy Sunday! I am linking up with my sweet friends, the Collaboration Cuties, to share about a book that I used THANKS to them!! :o)

The book is called Cloud Dance. It is written and illustrated by Thomas Locker and is FULL of gorgeous depictions of the cloud types we have to learn about!

They first shared about it in their blog here and I fell in love.

I had my students tell me the type of cloud they saw on the pages (stratus, cumulus, cirrus, or cumulonimbus) as I read it to them. We used the clues that were in the text as well as the pictures to decide if the cloud type they guessed was correct.

We also used my Cloud Flipbook from my Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables with cotton balls to create each type of cloud. They glued the clouds onto the flap where they are in the sky (cirrus=high, stratus=low):

Underneath each flap, they described the clouds’ characteristics:

Oh! And… the Collaboration Cuties have a unit for this book!

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