Advent Calendar Day Nine

If you are looking to revamp the way grammar is going in your room when you get back from the break, then you will NOT want to miss today’s deal!

I usually only offer my Mastering Mentor Sentences Course with a big discount once a year, but an advent calendar from me wouldn’t be complete without access to the BEST way to transform your teaching!

It is a proven best-practice that students learn from amazing, well-written sentences… not by giving them a sentence filled with mistakes and telling them to “fix it” (especially when they haven’t even learned what it’s SUPPOSED to look like)!

After I implemented the mentor sentence routine with my students, not only was I enjoying teaching grammar through these skill-spiraling, discussion-filled lessons, but my students were also having fun: treating this time as a scavenger hunt, or a game, or a challenge. And best of all… my students’ grammar knowledge AND WRITING¬†improved. I found my students actually trying to imitate the mentor sentences in their own writing.

That’s a teacher’s dream, right?!?

With the course, you’ll get:

-Immediate access to ALL 10 video modules, so you can binge watch or take your time, and rewatch when you need.

Module 1: Why Should I Teach Using Mentor Texts?
You’ll understand the benefits of using mentor texts to maximize your teaching time, and learn how to plan multiple subjects using one book!

Module 2: Introduction to Mentor Sentences
Learn the “why” of using mentor sentences and how it helps with higher-order thinking skills, see the data that proves it works, and download planning resources and an actionable lesson to help you lead those deep discussions around language.

Module 3: How To Teach With Mentor Texts
Watch multiple videos to learn how to teach with mentor texts and see models of integration of specific mentor texts with a variety of skills, plus download more planning resources.

Module 4: Overview of the Routine
See the big picture of the mentor sentence routine and get ideas for student notebooks.

Modules 5-8: Dive Deep into the Routine
Zoom in on classroom models as the routine is broken down for you.

Module 9: Beyond Your Mentor Sentence Lessons
Learn how to make sure skills from mentor sentences are sticking in writing time with specific teaching ideas (video lesson), and ideas for more application – time to compare, collect, and combine. You’ll also have some practice exercises you can complete.

Teaching Virtually with Mentor Sentences
Get guidance on how to use mentor sentences and downloads to use if you aren’t face-to-face in the classroom.

Module 10: Additional Video Resources
Watch mentor sentence lessons in action in the classroom.

You’ll also get:
-Notetaking workbook, but also video cheat sheets if you prefer not to take notes.

-Planning implementation guides and resources that will help you solve problems before you even knew you had them!

-Exclusive materials and videos not found ANYWHERE else.

-Bonus Nonfiction Mentor Sentence Mini-Unit to help you integrate science content and mentor texts.-Bonus discounts on curriculum

-Certificate of Completion for those that can apply this course to their license requirements.

If you are ready to quit teaching the same old boring way, and actually see a transfer into reading and writing, this course is for you!

Tap the image below to read more about it and choose your grade level!