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Winter Party and Ornaments!

Let's get real. It is really hard not having a room-mom. I hope you are lucky enough to have one, because lemme tell ya, I was spoiled at my old school with great room-moms every year. But I had to do the holiday party on my own this year. I tried to make it pretty simple- a Polar Express Party, but it still turned out kinda complicated. :-P I guess that's just me!! LOL
This was the hot chocolate "bar" to fix their hot chocolate with toppings! (This was after they had already started making their hot chocolate- I forgot to take a pic ahead of time!)
They also decorated sugar cookies- that's ALWAYS a hit. They think it's so much fun. The "tablecloth" was butcher paper I pulled this morning and let them decorate it. They had a blast doing it, and it saved me a little money! :)

While they drank their hot cocoa and ate their cookies, they watched the Polar Express movie, and I pulled them to my table to make an ornament!

I found this idea on Pinterest:
And decided it was way too cute not to do! I hunted down clear glass ornaments (yes, hunted down. Three stores were sold out. I totally blame Pinterest for this!!!!!) and got all the materials: fake snow, pom poms, and pipe cleaners.
I was in charge of the gluing, of course, but they stuffed the ornament with snow and drew on the face- except for the eyes... we used googly eyes! They were TOO CUTE!!!!!
All of my kiddos were excited to take it home and put it on their tree! :)

Last, but not least, I got my kiddos a Christmas present... I always do the same thing: a $1 book from Scholastic and crayons. I get the crayons in August when they are on sale for a quarter (gotta plan ahead)! They always need crayons about this time of year because theirs are worn and lost. :)
I wrap them all so they have something to open (because, let's face it, we all love opening presents, don't we?!) which is a lot of work, but worth it because they love it!

I also gave them a Polar Express bell:

And yes, I was ACTUALLY scraping these kids off the ceiling this afternoon to get them home. ACK! But now............. I'm officially on break!! :) :)


  1. I'm glad you had so much fun! I bet it was an incredible concert! I LOVE the snowman ornament-I'll have to do that one next year!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Walmart had plastic ornaments this year that look just like these glass ones!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Timberlake concert! I always love Polar Express activities this last week. It is such a great book and movie, and there are so many great things you can do with it. Love the ornament too!

    Eclectic Educating

  4. You made it, woohoo! You know, we teach in the same county, and apparently we have similar types of classes. I am my room mom too. Sadly, the only one on my grade level without one, which meant I ran the show too. Skipped the toppings bar and instead bagged up the mini marshmallows and candy canes, that was my best time saver. Because I was running solo I also had a few goof-ups, but it was still a great party. Hope you enjoy your 2 weeks off!

  5. Your Polar Express party looks like so much fun! Happy Holidays!

    Elementary School Garden

  6. Apparently you back held up. Yay!!

  7. It looks like a great week. I'm feeling a little jealous about the Justin Timberlake concert. I love the Polar Express theme party.

    Enjoy the break!

    Fit to be Fourth

  8. If I could get away with going to a JT concert, I would:). Unfortunately, I think they have an age limit. I love that you wrapped the crayons.

  9. Love the Polar Express hot chocolate bar and the snowman ornaments! I think kids everywhere were nuts this week. I read to a class yesterday morning, and the teacher was apologizing for their behavior. I had to assure her it was completely normal for the day before break and no reflection on her teaching. Have a wonderful break!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  10. Super cute Polar Express party!
    If there is ever a concert I would love to would be JT! Such a performer!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun 

  11. I am still scraping MYSELF off the ceiling! :) Your Polar Express party was SO adorable. I love the butcher paper idea and those ornaments are great! I am beyond bummed that the students didn't get their Christmas cards in time. :(
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  12. Your snowman ornament is precious, Jessica! I love the idea of sending crayons home. I picked up a book, but definitely did not start planning in August. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  13. I saw the same snowman ornament on Pinterest and thought about making it. I wondered how much fake snow you would end up needing. I went with a snowflake ornament instead, but your snowman turned out adorable! I love the idea of getting some school supplies in August to give them, now I just have to remember that next year!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  14. OMG I love JT! I bet that was an amazing concert! I hardly ever watch Saturday Night Live but I made an exception for it last night since JT was on it and I loved every second!!


  15. A little jealous of your party. We're not allowed to have a holiday party at my school (except Halloween and Valentine's for some reason) so Friday was just a business as usual kind of day and the the kids were WILD.

    Enjoy the break!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  16. I was wondering about that full moon thing....I didn't realize it was a full moon until Wednesday (I'm usually asleep on the sofa after dinner), but once I did, it completely explained EVERYTHING! Aside from that, it looks like you had an amazing week. Enjoy your break!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  17. J.T. loves me...J.T. loves me....J.T. loves me...if you repeat it enough times, it will come true!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  18. Totally jealous of your JT concert!! I love your snowman ornaments! Think I might have to do that one next year!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  19. We made those same ornaments as our parent gifts for Christmas! I'm super jealous of the JT concert! I'm your newest follower!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On


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