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Workshop Wednesday: Important Book and Planet Postcards

You know I can't resist telling you "it's HUMP DAAA-EEEEE!" Happy Wednesday! :o)

Today for Workshop Wednesday, we are linking up how we integrate content areas into our writing. I've had a big focus on Science the last couple of weeks across content because there is just SO much to cover in such a short time. I've been teaching Solar System, so the students have become "experts" on one planet of their choice. I gave you a sneak peek on Friday at the beginning stages of our Planets Important Book. Here are a few of my students' finished products:

Don't forget, you can grab Joanne's wonderful templates for your own important book about ANY content!

We also use the book Postcards from Pluto to "spice up" our nonfiction writing.
They create their own postcard (a GIANT postcard in fact) as though they are visiting the planet that they became an expert about. I remind them that no one wants to get a postcard with a bunch of boring facts listed. (I use the example, "I'm at the beach. There is a lot of sand. The water has waves. I saw a dolphin. Wish you were here!" That usually gets the point across and keeps them from writing, "Saturn has rings. It's really cold. It's so far from the sun....") As you can tell below, they definitely have learned to add voice and style to their writing!

They decorate the other side as well, like a postcard, but we haven't gotten that far yet. :o)

So, how do you "kill two birds with one stone" in writing?


  1. Thanks for the sweet shout out BBB! I'm so glad you like the Important Book Template! Your kids did an amazing job! I love those gigantic postcards too! These activities make writing in the content area F-U-N!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I love the giant postcards! I have only ever done regular size postcards - now I am inspired, go big or go home :)
    I love how you are using The Important Book - I think I may try this for our physical regions unit - thanks!

  3. Loving this idea with the Important Book writing and the giant postcards. I'm totally thinking I can do this with habitats which we start next week!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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