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Sparking Motivation for Students AND You!! :o)

Happy Saturday, friends!! I will be off to take a little nap in a few minutes because I was up EARLY to teach language arts staff development this morning to some awesome teachers from all over my county. We'll meet three more Saturdays over the next three months, too. This is the best staff development to teach because these people WANT to be there! They are NOT getting paid to come and listen to us on a Saturday morning! WOW!!
I want to link up quickly though with my BBB Joanne to share another foldable we did this week! (Check this post if you missed the first one I shared.) Foldables are a TOTAL motivator because the kids get to cut and glue (and DRAW on this one! "What?? We aren't writing?? YIPPEE!!!" they all say...) - sometimes I get a little frustrated because it does take a little longer, especially at the beginning, but it's so worth it because the kids are ENGAGED through the whole lesson.

We have been working on water cycle, so we made a foldable that includes a picture of the water cycle, and each flap covers the part that the word is representing.
The kiddos LOVED making them, and now they have a great tool to use to study! Next Saturday, I will be showing you another motivator and reminder of the steps of the water cycle- we will be making water cycle bracelets! The kids LOVE those!

And now, here is a little something for you... FREE STUFF! Who is not motivated by free?? :-P You all have kept me motivated to keep blogging with such awesome comments and sharing right back with me when I share with you... and now that there are over ONE THOUSAND of you following me (whoa!!!! Little ol' me with over 1,000 people who WANT to read what I have to say??? That's crazy!!) I am joining up with some of my favorites to GIVE AWAY some of my favorite things!! You could win some awesome TPT products, clip art, books, mentor sentence units, or the famous pencil sharpener!

So what are you waiting for?? Enter here!!


  1. If I ever get to 1,000 I will be amazed and bewildered! I am not sure that many people are interested, haha.

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  2. I totally agree with does take sooo long in the beginning, but it's a huge motivator because they love it and they are ALL engaged! (Principals love observing this!!!) Awesome giveaway BBB! Congratulations on such a huge milestone! xoxo
    Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I love foldables, too! I purchased a set on TPT called The Ultimate Interactive Notebook Collection (I think?) and it's awesome!

  4. I'm doing interactive math journals with my 3rd graders this year and have been pre-cutting all the foldables because I just can't sit there and watch them do it! Haha. That will eventually stop though. I can't cut out that many each week every week. It's amazing how into using a gluestick kids can be though, right?!

    I WANT to do the journals in reading and science/s.s. but I just need a chance to learn 3rd/4th grade units first I think. I'm thinking about doing some stuff in the back of our reading response journals though at least.

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  5. My students love doing interactive foldables! We do several flipbooks throughout the year plus I just bought the interactive notebooks sets from TPT for reading notebooks this year! I can't wait to use them :) Plus, I'm going to try out your note taking strategies in Social Studies! I can't wait! We have a character trait interactive notebook lesson coming up soon so I can't wait to blog about it after we get it going... I might need to buy some mini-trash cans for our table tops with all the cutting!

    My Shoe String Life
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  6. Congratulations on 1,000 followers! You definitely deserve it! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    I dabbled a little with foldables last year, and this year, I'm going to use them a lot more. I just love them! I'm looking forward to seeing your water cycle bracelets.

    Fit to be Fourth
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  7. I'm introducing foldables to my fourth grade class next week...I really hope it will spark some much-needed motivation in social studies!!

    Miss White's Classroom


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