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Currently AND Workshop Wednesday: Favorite Reading Group Book!

Yay for Wednesday!!! And oh my goodness... hooray for MAY! I can't believe it's ALREADY May! Linking up with Farley!!

If you missed yesterday's post, make sure to go check it out- there's a "pin it to win it" giveaway on the new frames I made! :o) Now onto my favorite part of Wednesday!!
Today, we are sharing our favorite books to read with our reading groups! Although it was difficult to choose just one, I managed!

The book I chose to share today is There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom.
This is another book that I LOVED when I was in elementary school. My boys also LOVE this book, which is always a plus with fourth graders... The main character is a boy: Bradley Chalkers. Bradley is repeating 5th grade. He's a troublemaker, a liar, and a bully. The new school counselor, Carla, seems to be the only one who sees any good in him. And even though Bradley has such bad behavior, you really feel for him and begin to see why he acts the way he does. It definitely stirs emotion. This book is so wonderful for teaching how a character changes, as well as theme. Another thing I love about reading this book with a group is that it reminds me I should strive to be like Carla (the counselor). She strives to see the good in everyone. My favorite quote from the book comes when Bradley draws a monster, which is really a representation of him: 
Bradley ends up drawing a red heart on the monster's chest to show the good that was in him. He also decides to stop believing he is a monster so others would stop believing it too. He changes for the better. There is still a bit of a twist at the end, but I won't give it away if you haven't read it! I highly encourage you to read this with one of your reading groups! It won't disappoint!

I can't wait to see what books you love to read with your groups! I love to get new ideas- it's easy to get stuck reading the same books each year. 
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  1. I remember reading that book as a kid...but I haven't shared it with my students. I am going to have to find it on my self and do a book talk about it soon!

  2. I have this book in my library but I have not read it. The kids seem to like it though! If you read it as a kid then I guess I could have been your teacher! It seems like it came out about the time (or a little before) I started teaching! YIKES! Thanks for making me feel OLD!! LOL!
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  3. My sons read this book when they were in elementary school and they loved it. I remember seeing the title and I could not help myself I wanted to read it. I now have a copy in my classroom library and it gets read by some students every year. Thanks for hosting Workshop Wednesdays.

    Foreman Teaches

  4. I love this book. I read it myself last summer, but I never used it this year. I agree it would be a great book to teach theme.


  5. Thanks for hosting this linky each week - I always get great ideas! I think some of the boys in my class would love this book.

  6. This is great! I love reading book suggestions. Thanks for hosting. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  7. This book is hilarious and is definitely a favorite among the boys. Great ideas! Thanks again for hosting!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  8. My boys always tend to grab that book out of the library! I'll have to put it on my reading list :-)


  9. I always read aloud that book at the beginning of the school year. I always have to skip the part where she kisses him :)

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  10. Thanks for hosting this linky! I am getting so many great ideas. And I have never read that book so will for sure put it on my summer reading list. Thanks again, Heather

  11. Jivey - your blog is adorable!!!~ I just found you and am your newest follower.
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  12. Yay for lack of sleep to participate in Currently :)

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  13. YAY! Another 4th grade blogger! I am your newest fan! I love your blog and really look forward to learning from you!
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  14. Cheers to needing more hours in the day so I can fit in a NAP! :)

  15. I just linked up! I'm also combining linkies! I am also hosting a linky on favorite nonfiction books. I would love to have you join!

  16. I've got check that book out!! I also need a pretty yard, I just keep hoping HGTV will drop by and help me!!!

  17. Love the idea for this link-up, I can't wait to find some fantastic new books to use!

    Love to Learn

  18. That's one of my favorite books!! I always read it to start the year.

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