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Workshop Wednesday!

What is your must-have in Writer's Workshop? In other words, your Writer's Workshop would not be successful without... <fill in the blank>.
**Even if you don't feel it's a formal "Workshop" - you can share whatever you use that you can't live without! Others can incorporate it into their "workshops!" You can link up anytime before next Wednesday, when we'll have a new topic!**

In my room, my kiddos have two things that we use consistently.

Their Writer's Collection Notebook is used for almost everything. It is a composition notebook where they collect ideas to write about, where they take notes or do activities that go along with my mini-lessons, and where they brainstorm for their writing pieces. It keeps me from going insane with papers falling out of a folder or getting lost...!
This is an idea I stole borrowed from another teacher a few years ago. I give all of my students a yellow legal pad to do their rough drafts. I like for them to skip lines on their drafts for editing and revising purposes later, so I love these because the sheets are bigger and they aren't "wasting" as much paper by skipping lines. The kids can keep up with what is a rough draft and what is a final by the color...and, the kids love it because it's "different."

You know you're a teacher when...................
being given a book like this excites you! I will be leading some Literacy Professional Development this summer, so the Language Arts Office bought all the leaders this book! I can't wait to get in it! I bet it will improve my Writer's Workshop too with all the awesome information that is in it! I love Lucy Calkins. :)

I can't wait to see what you all use in your Writer's Workshop!!
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  1. That book is my favorite... I was proudly wearing my nerd badge this summer when I PRE ORDERED the book. It is WONDERFUL, she is my favorite. I'm saving all my pennies to go to her summer workshop in Summer 2014. LOVE.

    Have a great day!
    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit!

    1. Well that makes me even more excited to read it!!

    2. I will also try my best to join this linky. I have SOO many ideas I'd love to share. I would just have to rack my 3rd grade brain to do it. I miss my 3rd Grade brain!

  2. I love the idea of using the yellow paper for rough drafts! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  3. I love your yellow paper rough draft idea! That is great for a visual! I am adding that book to my amazon wishlist now! Thanks for tip:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. I wonder who that awesome teacher was that gave you that idea? wink-wink :O)

    We all got Pathways to the Common Core at the beginning of the year. It's a great book! All of her stuff is, really!

    Collaboration Cuties

  5. I have been photocopying notebook paper onto colored paper for their rough drafts - why I never though to order yellow legal pads I will never know. Thanks for the tip. I linked up with a few writing ideas from my class.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  6. I don't have that book! :( I will have to put it on my Amazon wishlist. Do you remember that old fashioned green and white striped paper (all connected) that you have to "feed" into printers? That's what I use for rough drafts. They get to choose the green or white lines, edit/revise on opposite lines with gel pens. I bought a case (only way to buy it) probably 8 years ago and still have plenty! I'm excited to have linked up with you tonight!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  7. Hi Jivey, this is one of the coolest linkies I've run across in a really long time. Since I have quite a time with reluctant writers, I will enjoy harvesting some ideas here.


  8. Hi!

    Thanks for letting me link up. I think I fixed the button issue. Pop by and double check when you have a chance because it was there for me the whole time, but obviously others couldn't see it. I had to redo both links, but I think it worked.

    Mrs. D

  9. Linking up a few days reading about everyone's must-haves!


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