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Winter and Snow Paired Texts for Upper GradesDo you struggle to find passages that keep students engaged and interested?


Have you spent countless hours creating text-dependent questions and constructed response prompts?


Stop wasting your time!

In the last four years, I have written almost a hundred exciting, interesting articles and passages that thousands of classrooms around the world have been using! 


Don’t recreate the wheel!


I began writing passages based on my students’ interests and the content we were learning in science and social studies… but not the same boring content found in textbooks. I wrote about lesser-known events, topics, animals, and people! 


Your students will love reading about these various topics!


What’s included:

In the winter and snow themed set, you will find three pairs of passages with two levels of each. This will help you differentiate in small groups or individual work with paired texts. They are discreetly differentiated with a small symbol in the bottom left corner so that students aren’t aware they may have an article that is different from another student. 

I have included two informational passages about snow: one about how it forms and one about the first photographer to capture snowflakes on film. There are also two passages about winter sports- one about how to ski and one about sled safety. Lastly, I have included the Russian Fairy Tale, “King Frost” along with an informational passage about frost.

Are you 1:1 and/or using Google Classroom?

I have also converted those same paired text sets from the printable formats of the passages and questions into digital slides and self-grading forms! The passages are presented in Slides for easy highlighting and annotating:

And the questions are presented in Forms with the multiple-choice options shuffled for each student. The items will be automatically scored.

Save 50% now on these printable leveled winter and snow themed paired texts in print and digital formats…