Mentor Sentences Choices


Teaching grammar shouldn't be your least favorite part of the day. Use engaging, integrated activities to boost students' grammar understanding AND improve their writing... and have fun doing it!

Master Mentor Sentences Course (value: $70) 

Looking for even more in-depth training on the routine? You will have lifetime access to this five-hour course to rewatch whenever you need a refresher! Complete on your own time schedule, as slowly or quickly as you prefer.

You'll receive:

  • Step-by-Step Routine Instructions  
  • Lesson Planning Resources  
  • Grammar and Writing Video Models  
  • Exclusive Teacher and Student Printables  
  • How-To Module on Implementing Mentor Texts  
$52.50  |  ENROLL NOW!

Entire Yearlong Curriculum With 40 Mentor Texts (value $141) 

Don't stress over creating the lessons and activities now that you know the routine. Get an entire year of ready-to-go resources for 40 of your favorite mentor texts!

Included in this giant bundle:

  • Complete Mentor Sentence Lessons  
  • Supplemental Interactive Activities  
  • Revision and Imitation Day Modification Sentence Stems  
  • Vocabulary Activities  
  •  Reading Organizers  
  • Writing Prompts  
$79  |  BUY NOW!

HUGE SAVINGS Course + Curriculum! (value $211) 

Get the course PLUS the curriculum at the absolute lowest price! You'll be able to master the mentor sentence routine in your classroom, learn how to use mentor texts across your curriculum, and have the resources you need to implement it all!

This purchase gives you: 

  • Lifetime Access to The Five-Hour Course, Mastering Mentor Sentences  

  • Ready-To-Go Resources For Grammar, Language, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary Using 40 of Your Favorite Mentor Texts


I used the lesson during a brief observation and it was kind of exciting to have engaged students as well as realize they really DO know what I've been teaching all along! They can't wait until tomorrow. ~Judy R. H. 

As a special education teacher, I have multiple groups running. Today, I had 6-8 ELA and a 7th math group. One of my math students raised a hand and asked if they could stop working and join the group. Middle school students willingly accepting homework so they could join the “fun” English. ~ Laura F.

I am so excited because #1 I LOVE picture books and this gives me a way to incorporate them #2 I am one of those boring, stuck in a rut grammar lesson type teachers so this gives me a way to finally create more meaningful and interesting lessons. And #3 I teach both science and language in the same shared block and it is a struggle to do both. This short routine gives me a way to get the language in and some of the time I can even use science books as my mentor text to cover both at the same time! ~Maryann M.

My 5th graders are noticing more things and are actually looking forward to working on the sentence. They really shine when they are successful!!! ~ Kim G. C.

I seriously wish I would have been doing this from the beginning. Even though I have been partly doing mentor sentences already.. I’m really liking this way better than the way I was doing it because I feel like it is allowing more room for them to “discover” how words work in a sentence! ~ Rachel E.

My students are excited about writing. Even my most reluctant student is excited. This has made writing so much easier and manageable for my students. ~Carissa C.

My 5th graders were so excited to write and share their sentences. A few of them wanted to add more prepositional phrases. The have really enjoyed the mentor sentences and love telling everyone about them. ~Donna W. D.

Ten years ago, these statements would come out of my mouth on the regular:  

"Teaching grammar is boring. The students hate it and, honestly, so do I."  

"My students don't make the reading-writing connection."  

"My students make little progress in style and conventions over the course of the year."  

I imagine you took the challenge and want to dive deeper into the mentor sentence theory and routine because you share some (or all) of those sentiments. You are ready to make a change, just like I was several years ago.  

It made sense to me that students needed to learn from amazing, well-written sentences... giving them a sentence filled with mistakes and telling them to "fix it" wasn't working since they didn't even know what it was supposed to look like to begin with!  

After I implemented the mentor sentence routine with my students, not only was I enjoying teaching grammar through these skill-spiraling, discussion-filled lessons, but my students were also having fun, treating this time as a scavenger hunt, or a game, or a challenge. And best of all... my students' grammar knowledge AND WRITING improved. I found my students actually trying to imitate the mentor sentences in their own writing. That's a teacher's dream, right?! I couldn't keep this secret to myself. I wanted teachers to be able to implement these best practices in their classrooms and see the same results!