July 2015 - Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom
Here it comes... those B-T-S words... I won't say them, but you know what they are.

And when that S word starts back, one of the things I always like to do in writing is collect seed ideas. One of the lessons I like to do will be my Bright Idea in this month's link up:
One thing most kids know all about is the street they live on. I like to have my kiddos draw a map of their street and label what they can. Then, I give them sticky notes to tell about something that happened in a specific location on their map.
Back to school bright idea with Ideas by Jivey.
And if for some reason they have a hard time remembering things on their street, they can always improvise...
Back to school bright idea with Ideas by Jivey.
The point of the activity is to give them ideas they can turn into stories later, so whether they are real or fictional seeds, they will have something they can use for a story!

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Update: Monday, July 13- Sorry, this freebie isn't available anymore, but you can find the FULL product in my store!

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