June 2015 - Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom
Hi friends! I am linking up with the Primary Peach to share how I keep up with my conference notes during Reading Workshop. Most days, when I finish working with my small group, I confer with two separate students. I print labels with my conference points and keep them on a clipboard so I can visit each student without carrying much around in my hands.
I make my notes on the labels, and once I fill a sheet, I stick the labels onto my students’ folders (where I also keep running records and assessments). This way, I have all my notes during parent conference time in one place.
Want these labels? Grab them for free!
Want to know more about how I run Reading Workshop in my classroom? Check out Launching Reading Workshop in my TPT store!

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To all of my mentor sentence lovers (and even those who are just considering trying them out), I promise you Volume 2 and Volume 3 for Grades 3-5 are not a ploy just to get you to spend more money! :o)

There are three good reasons why more volumes have been created. And you might even be able to think of more!


Volume 2 and Volume 3 for Grades 3-5 do not use ANY of the same books from Volume 1. Let's face it... sometimes, even our favorite books get tired. More volumes will give you the opportunity to use new books while still teaching the skills you need to teach! That means all new sentences and new quizzes for these books! (And new interactive activities in the companions, too!)


As many of you have spread the good word about mentor sentences to your colleagues, lots of teachers in grades 3, 4, AND 5 are using mentor sentences in the same school! I always say, good books can be read over and over again... But we don't want students doing the same activity they did last year! Since teachers are such great collaborators, it will be very easy to get together with the other mentor sentence users and talk about which books or units they used! This would also be a great time to spread the word with the grade level above or below you- let them know the success you've had and how they can now get a set, too! Or, if you want Volume 2 or Volume 3 for yourself, remember additional licenses are half price, so you could easily convince your colleagues to use mentor sentences by letting them buy a half price additional license from you for Volume 1! :o)


Of course, you could mix and match the mentor sentences depending on what you might like to do in the classroom. Now remember, the books in all of my mentor sentence units are books I already love to use in my classroom for reading and writing, so I have lots of ideas in the Volume 2 Better Than Basal and Volume 3 Better Than Basal, too!

Here are a few "mix and match" ideas:

One thing I LOOOOVE at the beginning of the year is spending a few weeks on memoirs and "show, don't tell" writing.
A few "mix and match" ideas:with Ideas by Jivey
You can also compare the sentence from Come on, Rain! in Volume 1, Unit 1 (another great memoir that uses "show, don't tell") to the one from Firefly Mountain from Volume 2, Unit 1.
A few "mix and match" ideas:with Ideas by Jivey
One more fun idea comes in October...
Fun ideas and paired texts with Ideas by Jivey

Along with the paired texts on Bats, Owls, and Spiders to go with these books and mentor sentences, you could really make a whole month of it by adding in a nonfiction study of owls, too!

If you are convinced that now you really do need Volume 2, you can see all of Volume 2 in my store! Enjoy! :o)

For more ideas about mentor sentences, follow my Pinterest board!

I'm so excited to link up with Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners to show you my (newly renovated) home office space!

Now is a good time to tell you... I have been blessed by TpT and opportunities to deliver some professional development, so I will be taking a year off from teaching to pursue these dreams! I will be working from home, creating more and more of what you all love, but will still get the opportunity to work with teachers and students as I deliver professional development across the state, and maybe the country! Coaching and mentoring teachers has been a passion and a dream of mine for a long time, so I am so fortunate that I get to do that this year! (If you're interested in having me out, click here or under my header above!)

So with that happening, I had to have a good place to do all this work, right?! Just a month ago, my office was known as "the dog room." I have two dogs who go into "their houses" (crates) when I leave the house, or when they want to just go in and take a nap, and this room is where their crates are. My desk was in here... but didn't really get used. I liked to sit with my laptop on the sofa at night after school and create. This was REALLY doing a number on my back. It was bad... and now that this is "official," my home office can't be on the sofa! LOL

Welcome to the dog room my office!
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
As I mentioned, the desk has been there for a while, but not used much. I added a couple of book shelves to hold (almost) all of my books and a cabinet, then decked it out with a PARIS theme! I adore all things Paris, so I figured, why not? (See the Paris pillow in my chair?)
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
I found the canvas painting at Hobby Lobby for half off, as well as the plates on the shelf!

Home office with Ideas by Jivey
I just love this print I found at Marshall's! It is my daily reminder! Found the clock and the mini Eiffel at Hobby Lobby, and my mom got me the Scentsy burner a while back!

Now for a close up of my desk...
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
The two boxes with phrases came from Marshall's as well. That fabulous Georgia print came from my BBB Joanne! And I know minions don't go with the Paris theme, but I just love him. :-P You can also see my obsession with notepads......
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
#teacherswannaplan I love Blair Turner's desk calendar pad and I'm so excited to use Ta-Doodles Illustrations' TPT Conference Planner and Journal!
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
I bought these frames at Hobby Lobby, too, and then I made the prints to go in them!

Oh boy... do I dare show you the closet??
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
Here is just one section that's safe enough for a picture. LOL! Those hanging storage bags are awesome for space savers in a closet!

And before you leave my office, take a look at this adorable little touch I found on Amazon! It's a ceiling fan pull!
Home office with Ideas by Jivey
I hope you enjoyed the tour! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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