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Bright Idea: Creating Maps to Review

This time of the year, we need some serious bright ideas to finish out the year, don't we?
I'm here to bring you an idea that my kids absolutely loved!! And the best part- it took them about two hours to do! ;-)

If your social studies curriculum is anything like mine, there is a ton that can be shown on a map! Locations, events, landforms, tribes... the list goes on and on. I printed a map of the Unites States and blew it up on our poster maker at school. I split my class into groups and gave each group a poster map, then I told them we were having a contest to see who could put the most of what we learned this year on a map. (Contests always make kids work harder, don't they?)
Social studies bright idea with Ideas by Jivey
I allowed students to use their resources to help them. My kids were so excited and worked so hard to complete their maps!
Social studies bright idea with Ideas by Jivey

Social studies bright idea with Ideas by Jivey

Of course, I could not choose a winner because they all worked so hard and did such a great job, so I rewarded them all. :o)

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  1. Our yearly theme is "trip around the world" so it would be perfect for an end of year activity - thank you! Definitely going to try this!

  2. Great performance assessment! Really a fun idea for the end of the year! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I love fun, group activities like this for the end of the year! I'll be doing this in the next couple of weeks!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. Absolutely love this idea and so jealous of your. Poster maker. I've never heard of one. How?


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