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Text Dependent Questions, Part 2

Hi friends! I'm back to share some more of our TDQ work! If you missed my first post, click here!

We've been working on making our way to the top of the pyramid.
Text dependent questions with Ideas by Jivey.
We have been using the paired passages from my Mysteries of the Deep set.
Here is a compare and contrast question- a "what does the text say?" question:
Text dependent questions with Ideas by Jivey.
To help them "climb the pyramid," we use the same passage for a few days. Here is another question we did on a different day using the same passage that falls in the "how does the text work?" section:
Text dependent questions with Ideas by Jivey.
And lastly, we looked at the second passage for another "how does the text work?" question... we talked a lot about how we had seen the anglerfish in Finding Nemo...
Angler Fish and how does the text work with Ideas by Jivey.
...but what if someone hadn't seen the movie...?
Text dependent questions with Ideas by Jivey.
All of these questions helped prepare them for a discussion we had (and then wrote about, too) in the "what does the text mean?" section of the pyramid: "How do animals survive in the deepest part of the ocean?" This sounds like a simple question, but the students actually had to do quite a bit of inferring using BOTH passages, which definitely makes it more complex. The students had to think about what both passages included, which was how they find food- giant squid's large eyes helps it see in the darker parts and its tentacles are used to catch prey, and bioluminescent animals attract prey. They had to put this information together to talk, and then write, about how deep sea animals survive.

This response is not perfect by any means, but I was very proud of this kiddo because she is ESOL and has been working so hard to cite evidence and answer the question completely!
Text dependent questions student response with Ideas by Jivey.
How are TDQs going in your classroom?

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