February 2015 - Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom
It's been a hot minute since I've blogged! But I had to share this fun lesson with you, and of course link up with my bestie, Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching for her fun linky!
We just finished our light unit, and I always like to do fun activities and experiments to help the students apply what they've learned. Plus, it keeps them motivated during the lesson knowing something fun will be happening at the end! I like to use my light interactive notebook activities with our science textbook during my lesson to help keep them engaged, too.
Light Interactive Notebook Activities with Ideas by Jivey
The lesson idea I'm sharing with you goes with reflection. I teach them about the law of reflection and how the reflected light bounces at the same angle as the light shining on the reflective object.
Lesson Idea  with Ideas by Jivey
To apply this information, I grouped my kids in my classroom and gave each group a flashlight and 5 mirrors. Each group had to stand facing each other (3 on each side per group in my class). The first person on one end shines the flashlight at the mirror across from them, and the goal is to try to hold the mirrors so that the light reaches the last mirror on the other end. The reflected light bounces between all the mirrors to the last one! They have to make sure they hold their mirror still (and the flashlight) once they get the angle just right or it will mess up the next person trying to angle their mirror at the next mirror! I'm so mad at myself for not getting any pictures, but hopefully you can take my word for it when I tell you, they were all successful in getting the light to the last mirror!
Plane Mirror Activity with Ideas by Jivey
Image from Our 2nd Grade Journey
Another idea that I just thought of (and so now we'll have to "review reflection" next week just so I can try it!) is to have them figure out how to arrange themselves so that the person with the flashlight actually ends up with light shining on their back! (They wouldn't stand in a line for this- they'd almost stand in a triangle or square shape to bounce the light around.)

Also, here is a fun computer game from Math Playground they can play!
Computer game from MAth Playground with Ideas by Jivey.
I hope this gives you some good ideas! Make sure to check out the other great ideas in Joanne's link-up!

Well, I'm a day late to Joanne's party, but I know she'll forgive me. :o)
I wanted to share about a free game that has been in my TPT store for a long time, but oldies are definitely goodies if you ask me! Kids LOVE math games!
Freebie Math Game with IDeas by JiveyFreebie Math Game with IDeas by Jivey
I am currently introducing my students to decimals in math. Make One Whole is a great game to help them understand that decimals are less than one whole, and that hundredths are smaller than tenths. I have my students use base ten blocks to represent their tenths and hundredths as well, so they can see the model as well as the number form.
Freebie Math Game with IDeas by Jivey
Above is an example where I helped a student a bit- she wanted to use her 6 as six hundredths, and we talked about how far away she would still be from one whole if she did that. She decided it would be a good idea to make tenths instead since she only had two turns left.
Freebie Math Game with IDeas by Jivey
This student made EXACTLY one whole in her game against her partner!!! I asked her if she rigged the die. Ha! I'd never actually seen a student do that until this year!

Go grab this game if you teach decimals- your kids will love it! And of course, I would love some feedback if you do use it! :o) Make sure to check out the other link-ups over on Joanne's blog, too!

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