October 2014 - Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom
Remember when you were in high school and college, and as you studied, you highlighted everything you felt was important... then you got to the bottom of a page, looked back, and your entire page was highlighted?? Yeah... that's what we DON'T want students doing when they are reading. If we teach students to annotate, we can eliminate that highlighter bleeding! The idea of annotating is to slow down and really think about what the author is saying.

We know that close reading is the reading and rereading (and even more rereading) of a short complex text for several different purposes. Depending on the standards you are covering, you can use the same text for several readings and get something new out of it each time. During close reading, students should annotate the text to help leave tracks of their thinking as well as to help with their purpose for reading. How you have students annotate (the marks they will make) is totally up to you, but making sure their marks are purposeful is what is most important to teach them.

There are two times that students in my own classroom might annotate:

1) With a text-dependent question (or multiple questions on the same standard)... This will help provide a student a purpose for each reading. We don't want the margins to be full of random thoughts, but rather responses to their reading based on their purpose.

2) With a cold read... Students use an annotation bookmark at first to help remind them of the things they should be thinking about while reading, but they soon don't need it because they remember.
Annotation Tips with Ideas by Jivey
(You can get these bookmarks for free here!) 

My students annotate during and after reading one paragraph at a time. I teach them that if they get to the end of a paragraph and haven't written a single thought, most likely they weren't truly thinking while they were reading, and they should go back and reread one more time.

The best way to teach students how to think and annotate is to model it for them.
Annotation Tips with Ideas by Jivey
Here, I have modeled my own thinking for my students with a passage I wrote about epidemics (which you can download and use with your own class in this paired text freebie).

Annotation Tips with Ideas by Jivey
You can see that I showed my thinking, but it is not necessary to underline or write a thought about every single sentence, just like it's not necessary to highlight every sentence either!

It's also a great way to get students thinking before discussing an article with a partner. I have my students turn knee to knee and share what they thought was most important, what surprised them, and also share their questions with each other.
Annotation Tips with Ideas by Jivey

A lot of times, these conversations can help lead to new thinking for the students, which is exactly what we want from our readers!

Thanks so much for coming by... I hope that this post will help you get started with annotating in your own classroom! If you are interested in more paired texts, check them out here in my store! I am continuing to create them. :o)

Let me tell you what I LOVE.

I LOVE tricking kids into thinking working is super fun. :-P

My kids were begging me last week to learn more and write more. Have you ever heard of such a thing???

I shared with you last week that I am working on getting my students to respond deeper using Jennifer Findley's Rigorous Reader's Response Letters. We are also working on reading informational paired texts... and we were working on some skills with Stellaluna this past week... so I decided to write some articles about bats for them to use for close reading and annotating, and for them to use for their response letters! The first day, I gave them the first article on Kitti's Hog-Nosed Bat- the smallest mammal in the world! We did some close reading, then I had them practice their first independent response letter using the same checklist from last week. Seriously, with their excitement level, you would have thought I'd just given them candy. They could not WAIT to write about what they had learned about these bats, and what they could infer. Some of them are seriously impressing me with their inferring skills too! Check this one out:
Spark Student Motivation with Ideas by Ivey
As I was peeking at some of their responses, a few were still not going as deep as I wanted, so on Friday, I had a few students share (including the one above) and then we did another class shared writing response. Here is what the students suggested I write:
Spark Student Motivation with Ideas by Ivey
Then, I let them know they were getting another article about bats that day- they cheered! One of my students said, "Ms. Ivey, can we do more articles next week about other animals? This is fun!" I swear, I am not making this up!! (I actually thought to myself at that moment- I can link this up with Joanne!! Ha!!)

They did the same thing as the previous day with their new passage about a megabat- the Spectacled Flying Fox. I will most likely use these responses for a grade since we have practiced a bit now.
Spark Student Motivation with Ideas by Ivey
I decided to take these articles a step further and add some paired text multiple choice and constructed response questions.... then I thought, if they liked these articles so much, I'm going to need more... so I made some for owls and spiders, too! ('Tis the season after all!)

And of course, you know I can't keep them all to myself... you can get them in my TPT store!
For the first 48 hours, this product is 20% off! I hope you enjoy!

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio today for the Sunday Scoop,
and I made my first ever VISUAL PLANS!

I'm sharing about this week in my scoop, instead of just today! :) Monday, we have a teacher work day (students are off) for some professional development and to get things in order for the start of the next quarter. It's going to be a busy Monday, and a busy week!

And yes, that's right, I made visual plans for this week! I never have before, and I actually really liked doing it because it helped me realize what I still need to print and prepare! :-P You can click here or on either image below and it will take you to Dropbox where you can download the plans... then, click on any of the thumbnails and it will take you to the product!
Visual Ideas with Ideas by Jivey
Visual Ideas with Ideas by Jivey

Everyone enjoy your weekend! :)

Friends, I have been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad blogger! :( For this, I am so sorry. I am going to try my very best to blog more because I absolutely love doing it! My life has just been totally, upside down crazy the last few weeks!! I have absolutely felt like I was on a roller coaster, so I decided to make my lesson plans align with my feelings. :o)
I looooove using the book, Roller Coaster to teach how to write about a small moment.
This ENTIRE book is the story of riding a roller coaster, from the minute they walk up to get in line, to the minute they get off. NOT when they woke up, then went to the park, then walked around, then ate lunch, then rode the roller coaster, then went home. (Sound familiar to anyone??) Ha!

To get them thinking about JUST the small moment they are going to write about, I have them draw a "snapshot." They must show only what would be in a photograph- so they can only be doing one thing in that picture. Then, they label it and write details about that moment using their five senses.

Write about a moment with Ideas by Jivey
Here is how I set it up- you can also see I had them think of how they would introduce and end the story on the sides.
I began writing my small moment story on chart paper to give them an idea of how to get started. My small moment happened, unfortunately, just this week on Monday!
Write about a moment with Ideas by Jivey
I pointed out how much I had already written, but I had only just BEGUN the "small moment!" I showed them how I had to set the scene for my reader. :o)
Of course, since I was using Roller Coaster for writing, I also used the mentor sentence from my fourth pack and we worked on prepositions from my fourth interactive language arts notebook, too!
Write about a moment with Ideas by Jivey     Write about a moment with Ideas by Jivey

We are still chugging along learning about our explorers using my Explorers Pack.
Learning about explorers using Explorer Pack with Ideas by Jivey
We actually did this one last week, but with Columbus Day coming up, I thought I'd offer it to you... for free! You can download it here from my TPT store. I appreciate your feedback if you download the freebie! :o)

We also made brochures to advertise for a CRUISE with the explorer! :o) This one is from one of my super high gifted kids... *they don't all look this amazing...*
Learning about explorers using Explorer Pack with Ideas by Jivey
Lastly, we are learning to write good, in depth responses to what we read! I am using an amazing pack from Jennifer Findley this year to help my students write better responses. Here is the one we wrote together this week to "try it out." Next week, they'll write their own!
In depth responses using Jennifer Findley's amazing pack with Ideas by Jivey
So you see, even though my blogging has been a bit lacking, we've still been doing tons of fun things!! I hope you can borrow some ideas from this post for your own classroom! :o) Have a great weekend!

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