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Visual Plans for the Week of December 8

I really enjoy making visual plans, it just takes a while to do them this way... for this reason, I haven't posted any since October! But here they are for this coming week... click here or either of the images to download the PDF with all of the clickable links! There are quite a few freebies in this week's plans!
Visual Plans Including Freebies with Ideas by Jivey
Visual Plans Including Freebies with Ideas by Jivey
Yes, this week is the week of the dreaded interims... my students will be tested out by the end of the week! We have four district assessments (interims) and they also will have their End of Unit Colonies Test!

We have been reading The Sign of the Beaver for the last couple of weeks. This is one of my favorites to read with the kids, and they love it, too!
With Ideas by Jivey
I was able to get a class set of the books through Donors Choose a couple of years ago. We read each chapter together and then they work on the activities from my Novel Unit with their partners. I love having a class set because they all go back and find evidence to prove their thinking! It's GREAT!!

We are using the book, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree, for the mentor sentence and writing mentor text this week. It is a mentor sentence freebie in my store! It actually happened after World War I, so it's not a colonial Christmas story, but it still lends itself to our historical fiction writing unit, as well as being a sweet seasonal story.

I hope you all have a great week this week! :o)


  1. I love the idea of visual plans!
    Do you have a template you can share at all?!

  2. Love the Colonies packet you're using :) I love visual plans, too! Thanks for sharing!


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