Monday Made It: Math Games {FREEBIES} and New Book Nooks Chart with Washi Clothespins

Well, I thought I'd have more than two things to share with you today but... I didn't get pictures of it all! So, there will be more coming next Monday. :o)
We are working on Place Value in math, and so I've been working like crazy to get them ready for stations so I can start pulling small groups. I think you'll agree when I say, kids love games. I have made some games and also purchased some games that keep my kids learning and having fun at the same time. I like to laminate the games when I can to save on copies- the kids just use dry erase markers to write on them! This also helps with the, "we're done!" dilemma. Erase and play again!

I made a game called Making Millions based on the same game called Put In Place (which you can download from my TPT store for free).
I ran both games on cardstock front/back then laminated them so the students can play either or both games at the station. You can grab Making Millions for free!

I also printed my card games from Math Aces on colored cardstock! My students will also be playing Greater or Less? next week in a station.
The directions are printed on one side and the gameboard is printed on the other. They will use a dry erase marker to write on this as well.
I made a new book nook chart this year - I wanted it to hang on my cabinet, so I made it vertical (last year it was horizontal).
And the best part... if you clicked the link to see last year's book nook chart, you might have seen the clothespins clipped on the chart- these are the same ones! Because I covered them with washi tape last year, I just peeled off the tape and put new tape on this year! Hooray for re-purposing! :o)

I'll be back next week to share some more goodies! :o)

OH! Also, don't forget, you can link up all of the must-haves for our second chance BTS sale this Wednesday! :o)


  1. Love that you re-used the clothespins - I was thinking about using washi tape - now I know I am!!

  2. I love the math games and can't wait to get them done to use in our first unit of math! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and making mine so much easier!

  3. Thanks for the freebies! I love the idea of laminating and using dry erase markers to play the games. I love your Book Nook clip chart. What a great idea!


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